xbox one

  1. HayderHurder

    Hawkeye Low Atmospheric Airfleet

    A few ideas I have for what it would look like if hawkeye launched a naval campaign...with no water. These were all built on XBOX one, and only one has any blocks that aren't Hawkeye.
  2. S

    Xbox One: Spider King Mission has vanished and won't reappear in Trading Stations.

    Hello, So far, my experience with this game has been fantastic. Very few bugs, awesome features and visuals, constant updates, tight-knit community, However, today I found a bug that actually made me quite annoyed. My main goal of the playthrough was to take over the Spider King's Lair for...
  3. K

    My game save on Xbox one is broken

    I opened my last game save from yesterday. As soon as it loaded, the game thought that my tech got destroyed (it definitely didn't). The game then showed me the option to respawn my previous tech. Once I did that the block limit was suddenly exceeded (6500), when I tried to switch to my...
  4. A

    Forum for consoles?

    I cant find any info on consoles. I have a PS4 and feel like proposing a button setup for PS4 in control thread may be out of place. All forum is for PC and i understand this game is new for consoles. Any info?
  5. Matt

    Xbox One Update

    ATTENTION XBOX ONE PLAYERS: We have released a fix for players whose game crashes on the loading screen. Load up TerraTech and grab the update! Let us know if this has fixed the problem if you were affected by this bug.
  6. R - Joypad can't fly?

    Hi, I always use a joypad/gamepad to play TerraTech and use the Xbox One controller on Windows. Usually to fly you hold the A button down (L-Shift) when airborne but now if you hold the button it does nothing. The prop stops as soon as the wheels leave ground using Unsable. Flying works in...