xbox one

  1. A

    Forum for consoles?

    I cant find any info on consoles. I have a PS4 and feel like proposing a button setup for PS4 in control thread may be out of place. All forum is for PC and i understand this game is new for consoles. Any info?
  2. Matt

    Xbox One Update

    ATTENTION XBOX ONE PLAYERS: We have released a fix for players whose game crashes on the loading screen. Load up TerraTech and grab the update! Let us know if this has fixed the problem if you were affected by this bug.
  3. R - Joypad can't fly?

    Hi, I always use a joypad/gamepad to play TerraTech and use the Xbox One controller on Windows. Usually to fly you hold the A button down (L-Shift) when airborne but now if you hold the button it does nothing. The prop stops as soon as the wheels leave ground using Unsable. Flying works in...