1. Cloud

    [] Unbalanced Venture monster wheels (not stats)

    When using the monster wheels, my tech leans to the right and extremely slowly turns to the left. (Tested with long one block wide test vehicle) And it gets really annoying. https://snag.gy/KUmErV.jpg https://snag.gy/qvNDjP.jpg AAAAAAA
  2. Cloud

    Geocorp left and right track recipes

    Right one uses one rugged fiblar and others, left uses two rugged fiblar, and middle track uses three rugged fiblar.
  3. JimmyBlether


    Well, there has been talk of TT getting the steam workshop, and then I saw this (sorry about bad quality, using tablet): Don't ask. 3 workshop items and it isn't even out... Leave comments below.
  4. QuackDuck

    The Duck Republic

    Welcome to The Duck Republic! Current President: QuackDuck Founder: QuackDuck How to become a citizen: To become a citizen of the Duck Republic, you must submit a tech that is easily mass-produced (No excessive rare or hard to craft parts. Techs with R&D parts will only be used when the parts...