1. Q

    Editing of default blocks via Modding Tool

    Hello! I am wondering if there is a possibility to edit already existing default blocks with modding tool? I downloaded Unity and I read all the official instructions (Modding tutorial with adding custom skins and blocks). But I can't understand how can I edit default blocks. There in no such...
  2. General Douglas

    [1.3.8] Workshop Items Gone (Fixed)

    Steam did its usual Tuesday updates fairly recently and I took to the workshop to see what was new, only problem was... the different filters and the "hot" tech slideshow were gone. This is the case for both my browser and Steam's app and I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the...
  3. RC-3197

    RC-3197's Techs

    Hello there! Here's where I'm going to post my techs when I release them on the workshop. I don't think I'm going to release that many techs but the few I do release will be the ones I have personally found useful. Every single tech I post will be obtainable in campaign (that's the only mode I...
  4. Revolver265

    Revolver's Humble Workshop

    I have created a place to share my few snapshots. Other people can come here and share ideas with me or post improved versions of my Techs.
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [] "Open Workshop" resumes game behind Steam window

    After sharing a tech Snapshot to the Steam workshop, if you click "Open Workshop" the game will unpause in the background, potentially causing trouble while you have the Steam client up in front of it. Edit: also, bringing up the overlay (with Shift+Tab) doesn't pause the game either (probably...
  6. Mindlessmrawesome

    Workshop updating (just here me out, devs)

    So I know (at least one of) your guys' opinion on allowing users to update their workshop items. "If we let them update their workshop items, they could make a new update that isn't what their actual tech is that users subscribed to! This can't be allowed!" I am here to tell you why this...
  7. Mindlessmrawesome

    Workshop file updating?

    First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH TerraTech devs for steam workshop support! It has been so much fun to compete for the front page with other well known TerraTech designers, such as ZeroGravitas, saiwun, Derp_YAY and other popular workshop creators. But after a while of using the workshop...
  8. JimmyBlether


    Well, there has been talk of TT getting the steam workshop, and then I saw this (sorry about bad quality, using tablet): Don't ask. 3 workshop items and it isn't even out... Leave comments below.
  9. Legionite

    [Steam Workshop]Supreme Hype Overload Leak!

    Steam Workshop is coming to Terra Tech!!! Probably 2 days from now? Not here yet, but getting closer!