1. K

    [1.4.14][PC Steam] - "HUBL, BUBL & TRUBL!" mission broken - RESOLVED

    Platform: PC Steam Windows 11 Game version: Stable 1.4.14 Frequency: Every time Game Mode: Campaign Seed: fkISo3qQyxrvTOS Description: The mission is meant to have a maze of walls inside the building. However, I see that even before speaking with HUBL, the interior walls are not present. It's...
  2. Geocorp Jumper

    Invisible APs

    The new window panes in RR are amazing. It's really satisfying to sit in your base and look out a window. The one thing that could make it even better would be removing the frames so you can have a massive, solid window. APs are the only problem here. They have a unique shape that requires...
  3. O

    Game Saves, Please help

    Where are my game saves stored? and the techs that I snapshotted? Is that the out log text file? If it is than do I just have to copy and paste that into my friend's computer? He wants to play my save and we want to this sort of half co-op thing... in this...