1. NonRPer

    Double wheels

    I suggest adding double wheels to each Corporation. tonytony Double wheels give the car 2x more load capacity. Here are examples of double wheels in Terra Tech:
  2. MrTwister

    Trailer Block

    Very simple block: When placed on a tech -> All passive braking on all wheels is disabled AND AI has no controls over wheels (no turning no accelerating no braking) Optional -> Make it On/Offable Surely it wouldn't be difficult to implement? Please? :)
  3. J

    TerraTech Suggestions

    Dear TerraTech Team. I Would Greatly Appreciate If You Would Give This List A Look Over And Response, It Is Perfectly Okay If These Dont Get Implemented, I Just Wanted To Give My Ideas BLOCKS: WEAPONS BLOCKS GeoCorp - Nail Gun - Shoots nails that get stuck in the tech GeoCorp - Crane - used...
  4. MrTwister

    Trailer wheels

    When are those gonna happen exactly? The've been in EXP for ages, and accompanying hooks/rings too. Are they still EXP because devs are looking to implement convenient connection system first or for some other reason? Also would be nice to have more/bigger/heavier/sturdier trailer wheel varieties
  5. MrTwister

    Neutral gear

    Hi all, just a small suggestion. With the controls scheme update still supposedly planned - is it possible to introduce the "Neutral Gear" switch button and a "Neutral Engaged" indicator on the dashboard? When engaged it could disable all passive braking on all of the wheels of the tech and...
  6. QuackDuck

    [0.8.1] Wheels get stuck randomly

    As title. This happened before when going up very steep cliffs, but never on normal terrain, and never has it lasted this long without fixing itself.
  7. D

    No new wheel blocks are appearing at the trading post.

    HI, First off I want to say that this game is really fun, keep up the good work. Now here is my issue: I reached level 2 and a message appeared saying that the GSO dirt wheel is available at the trading post. It was not there. Later I completed the mission to get the GeoCorp license. GeoCorp...
  8. ZeroGravitas

    [] Feedback - GeoCorp wheels need a buff! (Workaday, Jaws, Behemoth)

    Seeing as @zanzistar appears to be at that point in the update cycle where he's taking stock of feedback, balancing, etc, I thought it might be worth doing some wheel terrain testing, properly. (Inspired too by this thread.) I felt that the level 2 GeoCorp wheels are horribly under-powered. I...
  9. ZenithEevee

    I just love it when wheels break.

    I mean.. Just look at it! Its so beautiful!
  10. DerDragonhunter

    Key-Suggestion for Brake (Wheels) & Trigger Scoop Loaders

    A Button to Brake would be nice. "Ctrl" for example. Because the Techs sliding around with some wheels when standing still. I think also that a seperated key for the Scoop-Loaders to trigger there position would be a good idea, to switch there postion and let them keep it without hold a key...
  11. Lord Zarnox

    [] Bigger wheels need bigger techs... (How big can we go?)

    Now I will need to build a bigger tank using the behemoth wheels. After I finish my GeoCorp Transport: I doubt it is even 10% complete. I MUST make it huge. The wheel in the background has been there for several minutes, by the way.
  12. GamerParrish

    Drawing With Tracks!

    As a long (Longer) living citizen of the TerraTech community I would enjoy to post a challenge that I personally have LOTS of fun with in TerraTech! Track Drawing! While it may sound weird, if you use wheel tracks. You can make symbols, and more! As the creator I post the first drawing of the...
  13. GamerParrish

    [] Unstable - Floating Tracks

    If you go into onto a block as a cab, it shows treads. But then if you remove the tech. The tracks are floating, really interesting and fun to play around with. HOW TO RECREATE THIS IS A LOT, RE-READ TWICE TO GET EVERYTHING, IF THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE TELL ME, I'LL TRY TO MAKE A VIDEO (Even...
  14. ilikegoodfood

    More Dongles

    I'm not entirely sure (have no idea) how well the dongles have been received by players, so suggesting an expansion to the system may well end up being very controversial, however, it could also fill the niche for block variations and upgrades that people keep asking for. Here goes! Currently...
  15. L

    [Block Request] V.Large Geo Tank Track.

    Hi All. I'm about 140 hours deep, and much as i love the Hawkeye tank tracks for their speed and carrying capacity, i feel like a geocorp alternative would be a great addition. It'd be bigger than the HE track HE: 1 wide, 4 long, 2 deep GEO alternative: 4 wide, 10 long, 4 deep The idea is to...
  16. reaperx1 Slippery Tire Testing

    While I was playing Out N About in the new update I notice that the tires were sliding quite a bit, so off to the R&D to check things out and this is how it turned out. At one part of the video where the video looks really laggy that has nothing to do with the game. It was caused by the video...
  17. S

    a set of tracks

    How about a set of tracks like an excavator or a tank? I think we've already got enough wheels and i'd like to see something else for a change! - tracks could be added to a set of existing wheels - tracks can only be added when you have enough track pads for your wheels - tracks might go...
  18. strikyer

    Blocks Physics & Connection

    Hi everyone! Today I find something unpleasing; If a vehicle have his wheels on any platform build of blocks, the vehicle can't move at all, so the possibility to build a parking or something this way is non-exixtent. So it would be great if an update could contain who can re-visit these...