1. Nerf Craft

    Some Old Removed Blocks I Think Should Be Added Back

    After discovering all the different blocks in the game that have been removed, I was slightly disappointed to see some very specific ones not be in the game today. So here are some of the blocks I discovered that I think need to be returned. First off, the Hawkeye landing gear wheel. Although...
  2. Cloud

    No wheel sound at all

    Wheels make no sound at all. Turning, forward, backwards, nothing. No sound emits from them. Legionite assumes the problem is based on the hover playback sound.
  3. MrTwister

    Neutral gear

    Hi all, just a small suggestion. With the controls scheme update still supposedly planned - is it possible to introduce the "Neutral Gear" switch button and a "Neutral Engaged" indicator on the dashboard? When engaged it could disable all passive braking on all of the wheels of the tech and...
  4. MrTwister

    [] Suspension damage from driving

    Since one of the 0.8.x.x patches suspensions on many wheels are now receiving damage from simply slightly rough driving. Seemingly the damage comes from suspension parts colliding with itself. Example: Titan wheel. This is not the damage coming from collision with terrain/objects, only the...
  5. MrTwister

    [] Titan/Monster wheels friction physics glitched

    As usual, the game is not taking it kindly to my large techs. In the video below is highlighted number one problem with still-new Titan and Monster truck wheels (only Titan is demonstrated, but Monsters do the same). Either the friction physics doesn't scale accordingly with the size of the...
  6. ZeroGravitas

    [] Wheel orientation restrictions are terrible

    The patch notes only mention... ...But many more wheels have been restricted than this (as noted here). All the GeoCorp (except for the caterpillar tracks, oddly), all the Venture Springer wheels (new and old), the bigger (but not the smaller) GSO wheels... This seems over-zealous for any mode...
  7. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.9] Dirt wheel wouldn't stop spinning uncontrollably

    I got one bugged GSO Dirt wheel that would not stop driving forwards whenever it was attached to my tech, regardless of what control input I gave it. Output log attached. Sorry, brain wasn't in gear to make a save at the time, but I'm dooubtful it would have carried over - I'm imagining it...
  8. StyngerKyd

    Bigger Variation of Trailer Wheels

    As the title says, I suggest a larger type of trailer wheels. I think this would be helpful because since the devs are introducing so many types of massive wheels, (Titan, Monster, that new GC one) there should be trailer wheels to complement builds of this size. Using a bunch of the Medium...
  9. elfdrow

    [0.7.7][BLOCK][WHEEL][GEO CORP]the caterpillar track left/right pick too much speed and force

    the geo corp caterpillar tracks left/right pick up an insane speed and force once it collides with the tips, on any object or terrain so as soon as you go into a slope that collides with the tips of the tracks, it can send the tech flying or flip them in an instant. this can also happen on...
  10. The Grand Teki

    Spiky wheels for the glacier biome

    I want to have grip when driving around, especially if it's a race on the new glacier biome.
  11. GamerParrish

    [] Unstable - Wheel Tracks Don't Show On R&D Wheels

    All R&D Wheels don't have wheel tracks behind them, unless you're going upwards... HOW TO RECREATE 1. Get any save 2. Get a tech that has R&D Wheels on it 3. Drive 4. Look and see it works when going upwards. and at random when going straight. Odd glitch.
  12. A

    Some wheels changes

    I believe, despite the cartoonish look of this game, it must have more realistic physics. I don't mean "as in life", for example, I think that heavy guns with 100m range are normal. Unfortunately, for me some characteristics looks a bit strange and almost random, the wheel maximum load is in...
  13. J

    Need a bit of game information about...

    Can someone give me a list,which wheel lifts the most? THX
  14. O

    Do Krusher and Jaw wheels actually provide grip?

    So I have a tech that sometimes slides around hills, and I was just wondering if I should put either of the aforementioned wheels on my tech to stop it from sliding. I might put them on anyway since I read on the wiki that the Jaw wheel is helpful as an outrigger wheel.
  15. poetempest

    Wheel overload measurements

    Just interested about weight and speed relations, and started investigations from max wheel load. Made a simple ultra-light tech with only cab in the center and venture frames for wheel mounting(2,2 gob). Loaded it with batteries for rough estimation and with gobs(GSO one blocks) for accurate...
  16. matik2002

    Rollerball Wheels

    So, are you tired of "Wheel placed sideways" warning? Do you put cabs in different directions? You made a mistake during the build process with cabs? Then this is for you! Introducing the Rollerball Wheels! This wheel will look like a Hub Wheel with a rubber ball instead of a tire. It will go...
  17. matik2002

    [FIXED] Venture POD Cab wheels have weak handling

    So one of devs performed a so-called "surgery" on a Venture cab, right? Well, here are my issues: 1. It looks bit ugly. I discussed it with Azirahael on Steam chat. 2. The Venture wheels turn very badly. IT takes about 5 seconds (about) to turn 90 degrees left or right. AS it is Venture, it...
  18. Demind

    Lift from combining wheel & hover plates

    I noticed a bug, so I made a tech out of it. Gotta tell you, building this thing was a major pain. Here's hoping that someone finds this useful/interesting.