what is happening omg

  1. Cloud

    [] New update issues

    So! New update, new corporation, new blocks. I know it's in unstable, I'm pointing out problems anyways.
  2. Cloud

    Cabs build beaming into the ground and floating away

    So. I used a huge vehicle I named the Mammothine, made it an enemy, and when I detached it's cab by shooting at it, it build beamed directly into the floor and hovered away.
  3. QuackDuck

    A Comprehensive Guide to Kingdoms

    A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO KINGDOMS Written by @QuackDuck , in the RP universe INDEX: 1. The Lemon Kingdom 2. The Kiwi Kingdom 3. The Technocratic AI Colony (Formerly known as the Legion Region Kingdom) 4. United Earth-Space Operations 5. The Duck Republic 6. Silver Fleet Systems 7. The Kebab...