1. S

    Weapon ideas

    I've come up with an idea of a weapons that I really like happen for the game. Cluster weapons - if it possible having a missile or bomb that could able to releases smaller ones after reaches certain range? It's not that strong but covers a larger blast radius, just for pure fun of destruction...
  2. Exund

    Weapon Groups

    To answer the people's plead, I have made a mod that allows you to created the legendary requested Weapon groups All it takes is to add the Hawkeye Weapons Controller (Available in HE Accessories) to your tech, right click it, and follow the instructions. Mod available on TTMM
  3. Luracasmus

    New Weapon Ideas

    Here are some ideas for new weapons: Better Future Railgun - 3 x 2 x 1 medium fire rate / damage railgun on a rotating turret, similar to the Hawkeye Hunter Railgun. Better Future Plasma Missile - 2 x 2 x 2 Heavy missile launcher. Fires a homing blue / white orb that causes a small explosion +...
  4. 9

    Legion Weapon Ideas

    Currently, the description of the Rodius Capsule reads: "Rodius is an extremely acidic and corrosive liquid. There may be weapon applications for this substance in the future. For now, we can use it in the production of components with electric properties." What better corporation to add...
  5. General Douglas

    [1.3.10] Damage Shows Up On R&D Scale

    I have discovered from pure randomness that shooting the scales in the R&D Testing Zone with high DPS weapons actually yields a result! I have found it easiest to replicate this bug by using the Venture Dual Auto Cannons, this also proves that the damage type does not have to be explosive...
  6. eddie

    Status effects and lingering AOE

    I'm thinking of we could have weapons that applies status effects to enemies or allies and weapons that applies lingering effects to an area, I expect this to be introduce with Reticule Research which match Here are some example: Ignited A status effect that do minor fire damage per second and...
  7. J

    TerraTech Suggestions

    Dear TerraTech Team. I Would Greatly Appreciate If You Would Give This List A Look Over And Response, It Is Perfectly Okay If These Dont Get Implemented, I Just Wanted To Give My Ideas BLOCKS: WEAPONS BLOCKS GeoCorp - Nail Gun - Shoots nails that get stuck in the tech GeoCorp - Crane - used...
  8. Epic afdc

    Better future plasma cannon

    weapon name: plasma cannon Weapon size (x-y-z): 4-3-4 Weapon projectile: a large, very slow moving blue ball of plasma that explodes on impact. The explosion radius is 6 blocks in diameter. The projectile has little arc Damage: slightly more than the megaton cannon Fire rate: slightly slower...
  9. ∑∆®†∫n.


    In the world of terratech the most utterly broken weapons are missiles, seriously, they can snipe enemies from distances that AI can't detect, one shot unprotected cabs and annihilate any tech lacking a healing bubble, i propose a solution and that is Flares! these would shoot out and distract...
  10. Epic afdc

    Better future weaponry ideas

    The block measurements are (length x width x height) The tesla coil: a weapon that fires a continuous stream of electricity that zaps enemy techs (grade 1) (1x1x1) Laser smg: a small, fast firing, low damage, medium accuracy laser. Mounted on a turret (Grade 1) (1x1x1) Tiny plasma cutter: a...
  11. Nyaruko

    More types of bombs

    My idea is fairly simple, bombs for every company currently in the game. GeoCorp could have crates of mining explosives for their bombs, venture could drop lots of smaller weaker bombs, and Hawkeye could drop bombs about the same size as GSO but about 25% faster with a larger AoE and doing more...
  12. TheWaffle

    Give Weapons Firing Angles When Building

    This is a simple repost of a suggestion I made on steam: I propose when building that weapon aiming angles should have an indicator, including an indication of any of that arc that will be blocked by the vehicle its self. This would help with setting up all weapon platforms, but mainly static...
  13. UNITGX48

    GEO Corp Weapon : Harvester Beam

    It's been awhile since I've made a post, my last one being thee GSO Terrain Anchor... which was fairly well received. This time I come with something a bit different basically being an oversized Plasma cutter for GEOCorp... Because I had an idea that involved a really big mining laser from GEO...
  14. Soviet_Samuelson

    Charged beams and guns

    Does what it says on the tin

    Development Design Questions about Tech causing and recieving damage

    So in previous major builds I've done, I always follow some simple core rules that are always priority first; 1) Maximize connection points for toughness: Creating a lot of Redundancies so when met with a high damage percentage (loss of body), the tech will still be able to perform and operate...
  16. TheNecromancer

    List of ideas: Parts, Terrain,AI,Boss Battle, and more

    I have been playing TerraTech for along time now and I must say I've enjoyed it a lot. From exploring, gathering, building bases , and rampaging through the world with an army of techs, TerraTech provides an opportunity for endless possibilities. I enjoy the play style of "The World is a Sandbox...
  17. HappyApathy

    Remove passed on momentum physics from bullets

    @zanzistar So this is still a thing... If your wondering what I mean it's the fact that a machine gun will consistently miss even a stationary target while you are moving. Oddly if you pay attention to the laser pointer you will notice that it and the direction of the machine gun are always...
  18. Impossiblelemon

    More laser weapon and ideas

    Laser: I do believe there is only one weapon in this game, and that is the whatever thing. I would like to see more laser weapon and them being separated from bullets and explosive. This can be expanded to different types of shield, such as laser shield, and projectile shield. The reason for...
  19. Shayne

    Free weapon aim with the mouse.

    Well I've been running around with a new tech for a while, just going back and forth between a trading station, some resource patches, and my base, while killing anything that spawned between, and doing the occasional side mission. I have noticed that my weapons never seem to track fast moving...
  20. JimmyBlether


    First weapon suggestion! As GEOCORP has no ranged weapons, here is a sensible and slightly OP one. The weapon which has to be mounted under a tech causes large shockwaves to ripple through the ground, unanchoring techs and flipping others. It would also shatter resource outcrops releasing their...