1. E

    Non-lethal "weapons"?

    On terratech there are missiles, cannons, miniguns and laser beams to destroy enemy blocks, shields and armor, but "non-lethal" weapons are practically non-existent, which do not inflict damage, but can be quite useful. Here are some of my ideas. Concept 1 Energy lich Laser-like weapon of...
  2. E

    Some weapons

    For me, weapons in a game are never enough, so I decided to post some ideas on possible weapons (without the faction they belong to though) which, in my opinion, could be nice to see in the game (an opinion that could be shared or not). Weapon 1 Black-hole gun Medium-large weapon (4x4x4), it...
  3. Luracasmus

    New Weapon Ideas

    Here are some ideas for new weapons: Better Future Railgun - 3 x 2 x 1 medium fire rate / damage railgun on a rotating turret, similar to the Hawkeye Hunter Railgun. Better Future Plasma Missile - 2 x 2 x 2 Heavy missile launcher. Fires a homing blue / white orb that causes a small explosion +...
  4. Epb7304

    weapon groups, revisited

    the main reason I think why the devs have not already added weapon groups is because of people who play with a controller (somehow...) so I propose a different kind of weapon group there are 5 groups resource (activates if there are resources within the 1st radar ring) close-range enemy...
  5. S

    Crush all resistance with the Supergrav Crusher

    This is a fun expiremental tech I call the Supergrav Crusher, a 5*4*6 (lwh) flyer with one unique power, the power to crush any tech to oblivion by landing on them. It has four gravity magnifier engines turned off by default by a power controller. Pressing X blows off the controller to allow the...
  6. O

    grouping weapon

    a block from Hawkeye that helps you group your weapons. any key that is not used by the game can be assigned to fire only weapon groups. when you open the weapon manager there will be a menu of weapon groups. Then after clicking a group, it will show a menu that is like the SCU/spawnblock...
  7. RC-3197

    Suggestion #2 Tesla Gun

    Hi, I'm back with another suggestion for Terra Tech. The recent addition of the anti gravity gun to experimental is what pushed me to suggest one of my most radical weapon ideas. The Tesla Gun. First of all let's get something out of the way If anyone were to get this it would probably be...
  8. Nerf Craft

    Artillery-Class Heavy Weapons

    Here's the idea, each corp gets one artillery-class weapon, and you can only have one on the tech at a time. Each corp's weapon behaves differently. You cannot have the artillery from two corps on one tech(eg: you cannot have a GSO and Hawkeye artillery on one tech). The weapons would be very...
  9. Nerf Craft

    Flight Blocks

    Flying in Terra Tech is not the easiest thing in the world. And air to ground or air to air combat is nearly impossible without missiles. So here are a few new flight blocks to make planes more practical in almost every way. 1) Venture Geared Combat Wing Left/Right/Mid: Similar to the Venture...
  10. Nerf Craft

    Small tweak to Big Man Bomb

    The Big Man Bomb is a very good weapon for planes, but I think it needs a small tweak. Not a change to rate of fire, damage, health or weight. I think it just needs more attachment points. One on each end and three along the length of the sides, such that the only side without APs is the side...
  11. Epb7304

    BF super weapon

    in the new R&D release there are disks and blocks to make disks, so I have a proposal a block that is like the disks is a lot bigger than the disks (radius greater or equal to the for ufo like pieces together) fires a constant beam damage is still undecided (I dont want it to be too OP...
  12. stickman_king_28

    Universal-direction turrets

    Just what it says in the title: i'd really like (more?) weapons able to fire at any angle. ANY (sorry zk and similar) angle. It'd be best for some kinda attachment for turrets to make them turnable? (nothing big just 1x1x1 or 1x2x1?
  13. K

    New weapon idea: shield-buster

    As the name implies, the sheild-buster will destroy shields. But the shield-buster won't just disable the shield, it will destroy the source (the shield projector) as well. Different shield projectors will have different resistances to the shield-buster, so some projectors will take more shots...
  14. H

    5 Small-scale QOL Tweaks for a Large Benefit

    Shield & Repair Bubbles Issue: Multiple intersecting bubbles create excessive visual clutter. Suggestion: Display only the outermost surface area of intersecting bubbles. Weapon Particles Issue: When many weapons are equipped, firing produces excessive FPS drops and visual clutter. Suggestion...
  15. Epb7304

    anchored weapon.

    maybe even more powerful than the big Bertha, it could destroy most techs in one hit, its size is 10x15x4 and would have to be anchored to use, its reload time would be silly and it would have to reload once after anchoring.
  16. O

    Gigaton or HG1 Turret?

    I'm trying to build a new craft but i have both the HG1 and the gigaton cannon but only have space for 2 and i hate asseymetric stuff..(its just me?) Which would be better? I do already have megaton cannons but i dont care about theme that much. Its also going on the top, quite high up so...
  17. Soviet_Samuelson

    Charged beams and guns

    Does what it says on the tin
  18. Ober

    I have a question between stable/unstable version

    Hello! So im a little confused, i have seen that new weapons are on the game, like the gso bomb for example, so planes can act like an actual bomber. But i cant find it, im currently on stable version 0.7.9 So this means that the gso bomb (and other blocks too) are only for unstable version...
  19. jnj01

    Functional Artillery

    So using the medium bearings; I've made a part which can be mounted on a large tech or a rotating anchor. It's equipped with 4x HE HG1 Cannon Turrets. I balanced the weight with batteries and added gyros, and use 2-way thrusters for elevating the turret up and down. It can shoot anything between...
  20. jnj01

    Laser Targetting for AIs

    So, the HE Laser Targeting is a nice detail, but it's not of much practical use. What I suggest, is that you would be able to equip anchored(only?) with a device, which would allow them to target whatever the laser is pointed at. This would open up for a whole new arsenal of long-range weapons...