1. Matt

    The Ultimate Water Thread

    So as I'm sure you can remember, we recently ran a poll on what feature you'd all like to see the most. A Water Biome was the clear winner. As such we want to collect some ideas as to what exactly that means to you, as players. So use this thread to discuss what sort of water biome you'd like...
  2. Aceba1

    WeatherMod (Rain and stuff)

    Right now, there is only rain. But the rain is ok. I have to fix it later, and add more to it. Like fog, thunder, better rain drop hits and stuff. [edit: that never happened] But it is alright right now. This can also interact with the WaterMod, rising the water level based on rain intensity...
  3. Aceba1

    WaterMod Revived

    A recreation of the WaterMod that was once in TTMM, now adopted for the new modding system. Should run smoother with bigger techs, and now has particle effects! You can get that mod here If you need help, you can ask me here or on the TerraTech Discord. Post your water pictures!
  4. Aceba1


    Basically a mod combining the water mod, better multitech, and block replacement mod. It's in TTMM. Current version is I should update this thread later this is really empty. I will put more modifications in this modpack as time passes.
  5. QuackDuck

    The Water Mod

    @WhitePaw2002 created a mod which adds water into the game. It is a simple blue plane which gives you bouyancy, but it works enough like water to be water. Download the TerraTech Mod Manager HERE to get the Water Mod. Instructions for mod download: 1. Download the latest version of the program...
  6. Aceba1


    Found this, and I feel almost as if this could be applied one way or another to the game. If only there was an easier way to contact devs without PMing.
  7. MichelangeloJinenji

    Water Biome (sea lake ecc)

    i was wondering why cant be in the game a biome like the white desert but not navigable with normal parts. do you ever immagined the "navigation parts" to swim in the sea? or maybe to go under the water surface like a submarine there are tanks, there are planes. why not ships?
  8. The Grand Teki

    Simple idea for buoyancy in water

    Give each corporation a "block density". The tech's average density is used to determine whether it'll sink or float. My idea for values: GSO and Experimental: half the density of water; GeoCorp: 3/4ths the density; Venture: 1/3rd the density; Hawkeye: 1,25 times the density. Special blocks...
  9. Mottflyer

    TSN Block Models

    The Latest from 2017: Go to Page 5 for 2017 stuff. Older stuff from 2015: Left: TSN Astem Cab 1x1x2, Middle: TSN Cannon MK1 2x3x2, Right: TSN Ballast Tank MK1 2x1x1 Rendered