water mod

  1. Aceba1

    WeatherMod (Rain and stuff)

    Right now, there is only rain. But the rain is ok. I have to fix it later, and add more to it. Like fog, thunder, better rain drop hits and stuff. [edit: that never happened] But it is alright right now. This can also interact with the WaterMod, rising the water level based on rain intensity...
  2. Aceba1

    WaterMod Revived

    A recreation of the WaterMod that was once in TTMM, now adopted for the new modding system. Should run smoother with bigger techs, and now has particle effects! You can get that mod here If you need help, you can ask me here or on the TerraTech Discord. Post your water pictures!
  3. Potato

    Ultra-Light blocks

    This is water-mod related, so if the devs are interested to give it some love, here's my suggestion: I'd like to have a 2x2x2, 4x4x2 or 2x2x1 (length x width x height ) block that's extremely lightweight. It's probably fragile, but that's fine. The reason is that the current water mod...