1. Legionite

    "The Kiwi Wars" Part 2 Beginning: Space Combat

    (TAC has the H4wKNet radar tower: ) Recent scans have revealed our cloaked flagship to the "world". It also revealed a bunch of pretty huge Kiwi space fleets scattered around in multiple orbit inclinations around the Off-World. This is going to be one very long war... Seems the Kiwi Kingdom...
  2. The Grand Teki

    First UESO combat spacecraft are ready!

    Please go to the "Techs" subforum to view them!
  3. The Grand Teki

    UESO and allied spacecraft

    "Kiwi spacecraft" and "Roleplay space warfare" threads will be made later. Blocks do different things is space. Here is a list what does what (if different): Altimeter: ion thruster (looks similar) Gyro: helps turning in space using electricity (infinite), weak 5-way hover: helps turning in...
  4. The Grand Teki

    The Kiwi Kingdom is NOT defeated.

    RP start We have defeated the Kiwi Kingdom's forces. It took a lot of power, techs, and resources to accomplish this. We thought we finally have peace. We were wrong. Prospecting the rubble of the kingdom, we have found a secret silo with a space armada's blueprint and rocket launch remains in...
  5. Terra Beetle

    Corporation wars

    One thing that would be awesome is to make GSO techs very little as if you have to conquer the planet with the GSO techs being your allies and you have to go to war with other corporations and you probably get money or something by keeping only one corporation blocks and doing their missions...