1. Legionite

    [Multi-Tech] R&D Bipedal Walker

    Pretty much the title... This requires R&D, so non-R&D users should ask @QuackDuck about their non-R&D version. Pictures: This took some time to accomplish and numerous attempts. PNG coming soon (I still have to write the instructions). Video may happen, depends on the time. Feel free to...
  2. M

    Would there be any Mech Legs at all later on?

    Just getting really tired of using wheels all the time, and if so could it be like a customizable system? just to have different kinds of legs that we can use and create rather than waiting for Pre-built ones to come out. Because I wanna build like a huge AT-AT kind of walker to do both combat...
  3. Legionite

    TAC - Technocratic AI Colony [complexity]

    Welcome to the Technological Realm Of Intelligent AI and Magnificent Robo-Synthetics Colony! Contribute to this kingdom and watch it grow! Links: [Flag] [Citizens] [War and Diplomacy] [Militia Available] [Airship Specifications] [Recon] [Resources] [Positions in Command] [PLANETARY Operations]...