1. Epic afdc

    Venture assault shotgun

    Okay so this is my idea for a new shotgun. The venture assault shotgun will be (lxwxh) 3x2x2 It shoots extremely fast, about 1.5x the speed of hail fire rifle It has twice the range of the venture bumper shotgun and 3 times the spread. This gun will be quite expensive, but it will destroy...
  2. A

    More Introductory Missions for Control Schemes and Stuff

    Now that the game has been given a control scheme update, there needs to be a proper introduction in the campaign. Thus, I think there should be a series of missions similar to "Learn to Fly" which introduce the player to new control schemes and types of tech. The concept of switching control...
  3. Epic afdc

    Choosing a starting Corp REVAMPED

    (Part 1)Okay the basic concept of this is quite simple, choosing your own starter Corp, for example starting with venture or GeoCorp. And when you start, each Corp has their own unique starter missions. For example, when you start as venture, you do races to earn the starting blocks. And I can...
  4. ZeroGravitas

    [] New Venture enemy techs are very rare

    I spent a few hours searching for evidence of the recently added batch of new Venture (only) techs, in 3 different saves, at Ven level 2 and 3 (GSO level 4, 5 and max). I nearly gave up. Eventually I found a couple in the level 3 Venture "Punks" mission - 2 of the new recently submitted Venture...
  5. Nyaruko

    More types of bombs

    My idea is fairly simple, bombs for every company currently in the game. GeoCorp could have crates of mining explosives for their bombs, venture could drop lots of smaller weaker bombs, and Hawkeye could drop bombs about the same size as GSO but about 25% faster with a larger AoE and doing more...
  6. Potato

    Add Venture & Hawkeye 3-block

    ...that's it. That's all there is lol. It shouldn't be too hard to add these grade-specific blocks for these two corporations, and it's a sensible addition because these two corps don't have a grade 3 standard block.
  7. Thundercraft

    [0.7.9] Ramp to Platform 20m - impossible?

    Repeatedly, I tried to complete the Venture mission, "Ramp to Platform 20m". However, despite landing EXACTLY in the green circle, the mission always says, "You ran out of time. Try again!" I've tried to do this over a dozen times, but it always fails. Are you sure this mission is completable...
  8. QuackDuck

    [0.8.1] Wheels get stuck randomly

    As title. This happened before when going up very steep cliffs, but never on normal terrain, and never has it lasted this long without fixing itself.
  9. Soviet_Samuelson

    Beggining options

    As it stands, most low-level weapons are immediatly irrelevant once unlocked, as better alternatives are available. Instead of buffing them, we could have different options when starting the game. Right now, the protagonist works for GSO and begins with GSO blocks, but what if you had the option...
  10. Soviet_Samuelson

    [0.7.9] Wacky race mission glitch

    1. Get race mission 2.Get in there 3.Win 4.Die before the crate drops Horay! Now it's impossible to complete the mission and get the crate! Sidenote: If you cancel the mission and find it again, it still happens.
  11. Jerome Love

    NEW Solar Array Ideas

    I have been thinking about this ever since I got the GSO Tall Solar Gen. and wondered why is it that only GSO has a solar gen. and yet none of the other factions do not? I think having a solar array for each faction would improve these areas of game play (I will try and add images of photos the...
  12. Cleecayce

    TerraTech Skins

    Hi everyone! I have updated my GSO Skins to work with 0.7.9 AND Multiplayer V2.5! On the steam news, they don't give an exact version of TT_MP_Unstable so I call the 2nd update MPV2. The third update seemed more of a hotfix so I am calling it MPV2.5 I am open to any suggestions for new skins...
  13. NeonGreenShades

    Venture's New Contact shotguns should fire on impact.

    The bumper in front of the shotgun yells it. It's called a "Contact Shotgun" for a reason. Payload plz. Jokes aside. The gun should auto-fire when it is in contact of a tech or resource node, this trait should be interesting to have.
  14. D

    Fast Venture Vehicles

    I always try and make quick little venture vehicle like speedsters to zoom around in and stuff but I always fail to make them. Can anyone help me out by sending me a little tutorial or something on how to make a good Venture speedster? Thanks!! <3
  15. Lord Zarnox

    Why are Venture and Hawkeye so similar?

    I'm probably not the only one to notice this, but Venture and Hawkeye share some very similar blocks, both in shape and in function. Here is a list of what I have so far (Venture on left, Hawkeye on right): Venture Standard Block - Hawkeye One Block (might seem insignificant, but with the next...
  16. W

    [0.7.7] Pipe Slalom Impossible to Complete {ends inside terrain}

    Can't complete, can't even cancel the mission.
  17. Zed

    Venture 2 way Steering Block

    Not certain if this is an actual bug so I've opted for the suggestion forum instead. On the ground with typical WASD controls, 2 symmetrical Venture 2 way blocks will alternate their steering to assist in turning, however when off the ground A/S are unresponsive and will not turn the VTOL...
  18. nikitaign

    [0.7.7] No rewards after Venture "Speed Missions"

    Hello, I like to complete venture missions, but when Im already at the finish in time, I dont get a delivery crate. This is not always happening, but very often. 1st i have to cancel the mission, better go to another delivery station and start the mission again. This Has To Be Fixed!
  19. nikitaign

    [0.7.7] Access Suzi Vroom's Venture Payload Terminal

    Hey. I dont think this is a bug, but if you dont have any Venture P. Terminal and you have Suzi Vroom's 1st or "Learn to Fly" mission, then go to Suzi, and click the payload terminal. It is in the middle of her. Now you have access to Venture Shop. Can't upload a screenshot for some reason
  20. ZeroGravitas

    [] 100m High Climb (Venture Stunt mission) 'out of bounds' too low (or bugged).

    Hey @Greg (I think). Perhaps this is more liked a suggestion/feedback, but this issue is being perceived as a bug. I've only played this myself in R&D. I found it functional, but even with a small, purpose built tech it seemed unnecessarily difficult to stay within upper limit of permitted...