1. T

    Where is Suzie Vroom on the cross country time trial?

    I started the cross country time trial, went to the quest marker thing, and Suzie Vroom is nowhere to be found and there is no way to start the race
  2. C

    [1.3.10] [PC] [Steam] Venture License Quest "Race Against Time" disappeared and won't spawn again.

    Frequency : No clue it's my first game Game Mode : Campaign Description : When I attempted the Venture license giving mission the first time, I tryed 2 or 3 times and did not success. I came back hours later with better techs, and the race path and the NPC both disappeared. I tryed loading...
  3. ExileFox

    repost: ramp to the box 75m spawned awkwardly in very rough terrain

    Yeah, this ain't gonna fly... src:
  4. Epic afdc

    Some random Venture block ideas

    hello again all you beautiful people! Now, this is simply an idea dump for my favorite Corp in Terra Tech, Venture! Cabs Venture explorer cab: this is a larger and more sturdy Venture cab. once it is detached, four mini Globe Trotter wheels fold out so you can quickly escape at a comfy 70 mph...
  5. RC-3197

    1.3.3 PC - GSO Race Against Time Mission with Max Venture License (Duplicate Venture License)

    Platform: PC Game version: 1.3.3 Frequency: 100% Of The Time Game Mode: Single Player Campaign Description: The GSO grade 3 mission "Race Against Time" (The mission that gives you the venture license) is showing up at trading stations even though my venture license is at max. If I complete...
  6. Epic afdc

    Random venture block ideas!

    Yup a thread for random venture blocks. Here we go: Cabs the hopper cab: this is a larger and slightly stronger version of the cruz cab. The cab has two small rapid fire machine guns that can aim slightly. When the cab is detached four small wheels that resemble globe trotter wheels pop out...
  7. Nerf Craft

    Some Old Removed Blocks I Think Should Be Added Back

    After discovering all the different blocks in the game that have been removed, I was slightly disappointed to see some very specific ones not be in the game today. So here are some of the blocks I discovered that I think need to be returned. First off, the Hawkeye landing gear wheel. Although...
  8. Epic afdc

    Venture assault shotgun

    Okay so this is my idea for a new shotgun. The venture assault shotgun will be (lxwxh) 3x2x2 It shoots extremely fast, about 1.5x the speed of hail fire rifle It has twice the range of the venture bumper shotgun and 3 times the spread. This gun will be quite expensive, but it will destroy...
  9. Aardvark123

    More Introductory Missions for Control Schemes and Stuff

    Now that the game has been given a control scheme update, there needs to be a proper introduction in the campaign. Thus, I think there should be a series of missions similar to "Learn to Fly" which introduce the player to new control schemes and types of tech. The concept of switching control...
  10. Epic afdc

    Choosing a starting Corp REVAMPED

    (Part 1)Okay the basic concept of this is quite simple, choosing your own starter Corp, for example starting with venture or GeoCorp. And when you start, each Corp has their own unique starter missions. For example, when you start as venture, you do races to earn the starting blocks. And I can...
  11. ZeroGravitas

    [] New Venture enemy techs are very rare

    I spent a few hours searching for evidence of the recently added batch of new Venture (only) techs, in 3 different saves, at Ven level 2 and 3 (GSO level 4, 5 and max). I nearly gave up. Eventually I found a couple in the level 3 Venture "Punks" mission - 2 of the new recently submitted Venture...
  12. Nyaruko

    More types of bombs

    My idea is fairly simple, bombs for every company currently in the game. GeoCorp could have crates of mining explosives for their bombs, venture could drop lots of smaller weaker bombs, and Hawkeye could drop bombs about the same size as GSO but about 25% faster with a larger AoE and doing more...
  13. Potato

    Add Venture & Hawkeye 3-block

    ...that's it. That's all there is lol. It shouldn't be too hard to add these grade-specific blocks for these two corporations, and it's a sensible addition because these two corps don't have a grade 3 standard block.
  14. Thundercraft

    [0.7.9] Ramp to Platform 20m - impossible?

    Repeatedly, I tried to complete the Venture mission, "Ramp to Platform 20m". However, despite landing EXACTLY in the green circle, the mission always says, "You ran out of time. Try again!" I've tried to do this over a dozen times, but it always fails. Are you sure this mission is completable...
  15. QuackDuck

    [0.8.1] Wheels get stuck randomly

    As title. This happened before when going up very steep cliffs, but never on normal terrain, and never has it lasted this long without fixing itself.
  16. Soviet_Samuelson

    Beggining options

    As it stands, most low-level weapons are immediatly irrelevant once unlocked, as better alternatives are available. Instead of buffing them, we could have different options when starting the game. Right now, the protagonist works for GSO and begins with GSO blocks, but what if you had the option...
  17. Soviet_Samuelson

    [0.7.9] Wacky race mission glitch

    1. Get race mission 2.Get in there 3.Win 4.Die before the crate drops Horay! Now it's impossible to complete the mission and get the crate! Sidenote: If you cancel the mission and find it again, it still happens.
  18. Jerome Love

    NEW Solar Array Ideas

    I have been thinking about this ever since I got the GSO Tall Solar Gen. and wondered why is it that only GSO has a solar gen. and yet none of the other factions do not? I think having a solar array for each faction would improve these areas of game play (I will try and add images of photos the...
  19. Cleecayce

    TerraTech Skins

    Hi everyone! I have updated my GSO Skins to work with 0.7.9 AND Multiplayer V2.5! On the steam news, they don't give an exact version of TT_MP_Unstable so I call the 2nd update MPV2. The third update seemed more of a hotfix so I am calling it MPV2.5 I am open to any suggestions for new skins...
  20. NeonGreenShades

    Venture's New Contact shotguns should fire on impact.

    The bumper in front of the shotgun yells it. It's called a "Contact Shotgun" for a reason. Payload plz. Jokes aside. The gun should auto-fire when it is in contact of a tech or resource node, this trait should be interesting to have.