user interface

  1. General Douglas

    [1.3.8] Workshop Items Gone (Fixed)

    Steam did its usual Tuesday updates fairly recently and I took to the workshop to see what was new, only problem was... the different filters and the "hot" tech slideshow were gone. This is the case for both my browser and Steam's app and I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the...
  2. slaugh7er

    Held block fall trajectory

    hello this is a rather simple idea and should be somewhat easy to implement into the game IDEA the idea is a simple ray cast from the center of the held block downwards with a small sphere being rendered on the hit position of the trace USES this would a simple quality of life improvement...
  3. T

    New interface

    Please go back ! Erase this awfull User Interface. Last one was goodiest i think. With this colors, it's indigestible !!! (sorry for my english)
  4. ZeroGravitas

    [0.8.0] Feedback - Dislike "Rename" selection at top of right click UI wheel

    Seriously devs, what were you thinking with this?!: Because I'm used to the "Switch to tech" option being at the top, there, I'm just repeatedly opening up the Rename dialogue pop-up. Pretty frustrating... I'd argue that for new players this makes no sense, either, as rename is rarely (if...
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [] Alt + Left click selects multiple inventory items

    I actually stumbled on this while trying to frantically build in multiplayer (during the stream) which is running on old code. But I just checked in (Creative) and you can still do this. Hold [Alt] key and Left click to highlight additional items (red outline): It doesn't seem to...
  6. ZeroGravitas

    Alternative block placement orientation controls - simple, predictable

    The proposal: [F] = Next attachment point on held block. [G] = Next block rotation. [H] = Reset to default orientation (optional suggestion). [RMB] = Current smart system, or [G]. The problem: TerraTech has a very nice, slick and simple build interface, for the most part. But once you come...