1. Terra Beetle

    Corporation wars

    One thing that would be awesome is to make GSO techs very little as if you have to conquer the planet with the GSO techs being your allies and you have to go to war with other corporations and you probably get money or something by keeping only one corporation blocks and doing their missions...
  2. J

    Can I "upgrade" an old safegame?

    I have an Safe Game of the last version and would like to get the storage block.But because it is an "mission block" i can´t get them any more.....so is there an way that i get them on my Safe Game or somehow else? I can if the Devs give me instruction how to do it send my SafeGame. Thanks
  3. matik2002

    0.6 update confirmed?

    There are a lot of TT Unstable updates currently, usually there are 3 Unstable updates before goes into stable branch. But now, seeing it will go to more updates than usual, I start thinking if it will be a grand content update (AKA 0.6 version) and I am wondering if TT entered a new stage of...