1. W

    ETA on RR for console?

    The dev's mentioned that the R&D labs would be coming to console "soon" back in their February roadmap update post. It is now almost July and there is still no news on when we will be getting this update or even any patches.
  2. Warning220

    I have a problem please help

    So im not a new player but i do need help for the past few updates terra tech when launched will open and the be stuck on a black screene with the terra tech cursor. Anyone know how to fix this please help.
  3. Matt

    Xbox One Update

    ATTENTION XBOX ONE PLAYERS: We have released a fix for players whose game crashes on the loading screen. Load up TerraTech and grab the update! Let us know if this has fixed the problem if you were affected by this bug.
  4. ZeroGravitas

    [] Beter Future update predictions (hype!!)

    I was going to throw a few thoughts/predictions into Discord, but they got quite big... Placing my bets, explicitly, good for looking smart/dumb respectively (this post will be very outdated by the end of today, anyway, heh). I think it's very likely this update will include a new corp that is...
  5. C

    TerraTech doesn't recognize controller or game save after ps4 6.0 update.

    I'm just trying to confirm my suspicion that the current version of TerraTech is not compatible with the current PS4 software that was just released. I was prompted this morning to do an update on my ps4, the version 6.0 update. After I did all that, I opened TerraTech up and it was kind of...
  6. D

    update suggestions

    i have a few ideas for blocks that would make terratech that much better idea number 1. mech legs that allow the tech to jump (different ones give different heights and speed like gso is a slow and doesnt jump that high while GeoCorp has a high jump but is also super slow venture legs are super...
  7. Jerome Love

    NEW Solar Array Ideas

    I have been thinking about this ever since I got the GSO Tall Solar Gen. and wondered why is it that only GSO has a solar gen. and yet none of the other factions do not? I think having a solar array for each faction would improve these areas of game play (I will try and add images of photos the...
  8. A

    How to update to unstable branch?

    How can I update my game to an unstable branch and is it really that unstable?
  9. The Grand Teki

    Automatic updating like in Minecraft

    For the GOG or TT-website buyers, it's annoying to update manually every time. Why not extend the current launcher to include a "version" tab? If a new version is released, it will ask you "A new update is released, do you want to download it?" in a yes/no panel like when you quit the game...
  10. Boomik

    New update changed the entire map on my Creative world

    In my "Kebab Kingdom" creative save, the entire map changed when I got the new update. Before, I was in a salt flats with mountains surrounding it, now I'm in some desert and my walls and other techs are underground. I can give you the save tomorrow.
  11. jnj01

    Doors, ramps and "roadblocks"

    You know the GeoCorp scoops? I often use them as doors for techs to have other techs inside, but they are not very efficient. Could you make something like those scoops just as GSO, and replace the scoop itself with a door? I've heard something about "roadblocks" or something allowing techs to...
  12. P

    No 0.7.4 Update Available on GOG Platform

    Are there any updates on when the patch might be available for us who purchased the game via the GOG platform? I received this reply from their tech support: We have encountered issues with the latest update that prevented us from releasing it. We are waiting for the Developers to provide a...
  13. Olli_DXD

    Bring back the old challenge gamemodes

    Any of you remember the old challenge gamemodes that got removed with the gauntlet update? I had a thought about bringing them back since we have a lot of new wheels and flying blocks, wouldn't it be fun to bring them back? The flying challenge, drag-race and rocket challenges would be more...
  14. reaperx1

    0.6.2 Stable - Trying to Max Out the Licenses

    With the coming of a new stable build so close the the last update I decided to continue on with my previous save in order to actually max out the licenses. I haven't had any issues yet that would be caused by the old save to the best of my knowledge. This could be the start of something cool if...
  15. reaperx1 Unstable - Test Run - Adapting to Change

    Over the last few updates I have been slowly adapting to the new mission system and I think I have made some progress. I know have a better idea of what I am walking into before it actually happens which has been very helpfull. I think I only blew up once so far. I did run into a few issues...
  16. reaperx1 Unstable - Test Run - These Things Happen

    I have just found the newest update and was in the mood for a bit of building. I had been working on a fairly big tech and just got it to save after the second try. I went back to work and when I dropped my cab the game unfortunitely crashed back to the desktop. I haven't tried the new mission...
  17. reaperx1 Unstable Bug Hunting and Tech Destruction

    I got the first bit of my Out N About journey. I got a bit carried away as you can tell by the length of the video. Another really good playthrough so far. I am still finding the tires slidding sideways on the bigger hills, but that could be intended. The missions have been spaced out a...
  18. reaperx1

    0.6.1 Stable Build - Test Run - When Things Go BOOM

    With this new update, comes a new video report of the newest bugs and features as I find them. Come join the journey and see what we can run into. With the new mission system things go boom a lot more then they used to. Sometimes my tech is one of the things. I only have one beef right now and...
  19. reaperx1 Unstable - Bug Hunting with Reaper X1

    With all the changes that have been made and are said to be coming I have been loving the sight of each new update. This is the first video of three. It's a short series due to the fact that I found another new update this morning. I already had the three finished so I figure that I will share...
  20. reaperx1 Unstable - Bug Hunting with Reaper X1

    I decided to try something a little different to see how it goes. My Reaper's Playground has lost focus of what it was meant to be. It was meant to be a place where the monster techs could roam free with out being cluttered by other techs that are not monsterous. Most of my Out N About techs...