1. HeX

    Warp Portal Black Hole Glitch? []

    Pretty sure it isn't just me anymore since people on steam have also been mentioning this.
  2. HeX

    [] Flamethrower Bug(?)

    Title and attached video. Yes the game is modded but afaik, mods don't affect vanilla weapons and their "team" values. Haven't checked with stable yet. Also Hawkeye explosive bolts do self damage.
  3. ZenithEevee

    [] Blocks dissapearing from inventory after using "Swap Current Tech"

    So, Cant *Really* Just post screen shots, But its easily recreatable. Place a tech that has a block you only have 1 of (Say, Horizontal Gyroscope, Or for those that dont have R&D, Use a Geocorp battery) Select that tech THen, Using the new "Load Tech" Option at the bottom, Select a tech that...
  4. HeX

    Resource Chunks []

    I have not tested with other versions yet but I have noticed that resource chunks on thimble collectors stop rotating if the tech is anchored.
  5. HeX

    [] New EXP block glitch(es)

    The plasma jaws continue making plasma sounds after stopping use and only goes away after removal of block HE DFA Mortar inventory preview has been broken (pic related) Large Tow hook still crashes game when connected together
  6. Zed

    0.8.1 Creative Mode Crash

    While testing bases and then using a small tech with Venture Avalanche launcher I attempted to access block inventory which caused a crash.
  7. Zed

    0795 Synopsis

    After having streamed a complete playthrough of All in all it is an improvement over / in terms of stability however remains more prone to crash than Typical bugs: Sgt Smash "Kill X Tech missions" overlapping with other enemy tech related quests (Old...
  8. Zed

    0793 crashes / playthrough

    During a recent speed run of Terratech 0793 the program crashed repeatedly yet did not generate any crash folders as far as I am aware (checked in steam app folder , mygames document area, and user / local low areas.) Thankfully, a video record of Each and Every crash is available @...
  9. TheSpaceMan

    [] Crate wont open.

    This crate won't open. I have gone away a bit, but it doesn't open, but the game says that the mission is completed. Its strange, savefile attached.
  10. TheSpaceMan

    [] Spacetime warping (unstable thread)

    I have just created this thread to provide some info on the SpaceTime warping bug and help track it down. I'd also welcome other saves/reports here to provide some information. Heres mine, it happens when you go to the allied bases which I have pointed my Tech towards. There are some Autominers...
  11. Cusuno

    [] Passive Invader and Enemies

    Yes, I'm still alive. Anyway, I decided to play more TerraTech again with the newest unstable version. After a few hours of playing, I got an invader in the desert biome. After preparing myself, the invader appeared and did... nothing. It just stood completely still and its guns were just...
  12. Ober

    I have a question between stable/unstable version

    Hello! So im a little confused, i have seen that new weapons are on the game, like the gso bomb for example, so planes can act like an actual bomber. But i cant find it, im currently on stable version 0.7.9 So this means that the gso bomb (and other blocks too) are only for unstable version...
  13. A

    How to update to unstable branch?

    How can I update my game to an unstable branch and is it really that unstable?
  14. JimmyBlether

    [] R&D MEGABUG {dispensers and anchored techs vanish}

    OK, I was just building a new SFS tech and after blowing up the turrets I pressed the return to checkpoint button and this happened: (pic not working, all my anchored techs and the dispensers had vanished, but the blocks still were there and the dispenser effect still was there, but my techs...
  15. nikitaign Build Beam Bug {Stuck on pressing B and Anchor Tech simultaneously}

    I mentioned a thing, that the blue verical line doesnt disapear. 1) Go to any ground where you can anchor, flat ground recommended 2) You should have an anchor under you so you can anchor, but don't do it right now 3) Quickly press B and "Anchor Tech" button at the same time 4) You should drive...
  16. nikitaign No "Entering Ring" in Venture mission and ground goes through the half pipe.

    Hello. I have two bugs. Sorry for that but its all about venture Speed Missions. 1st Bug is there's no ring that appears when you enter the mission. By that, you cant enter it and you have to cancel it and go to the Trading Station and select the mission, that is not probably going to appear...
  17. StyngerKyd

    [] Bug: ALL RESOURCES are considered fuel by filters

    The title explains it all. I discovered this when I tried to build my first "all in one" vehicle. The filter I used to take fuel and put it into my furnace generators got jammed, and I ended up selling a ton of Carbite because of it. I later learned a chunk of refined Luxite got stuck in my fuel...
  18. nikitaign

    [0.7.7] No rewards after Venture "Speed Missions"

    Hello, I like to complete venture missions, but when Im already at the finish in time, I dont get a delivery crate. This is not always happening, but very often. 1st i have to cancel the mission, better go to another delivery station and start the mission again. This Has To Be Fixed!
  19. Zed

    [] Accelerated Save

    The first since 0.7.6 Stable; here is an accelerated Save fairly early on in a brand new unstable profile / seed with the full tutorial complete (Trader Troll / Striking Out / Turret Joe) with GSO Trading Unlocked. Included in this save is the customary "FrankenTech" Along side 'Turret...
  20. Zed

    [] Main Application Ignores Configuration Window's specified resolution.

    Early Access Release Notes - Version - UNSTABLE BRANCH SEPTEMBER 11 - SAIWUN Find out how to switch from the TerraTech main branch to the TT_Unstable Beta branch here. Bug Fixes: Stopped invaders from spawning in Grasslands. Fixed bug where explosions causing enemy Tech splitting can...