1. The Grand Teki

    First UESO combat spacecraft are ready!

    Please go to the "Techs" subforum to view them!
  2. The Grand Teki

    UESO and allied spacecraft

    "Kiwi spacecraft" and "Roleplay space warfare" threads will be made later. Blocks do different things is space. Here is a list what does what (if different): Altimeter: ion thruster (looks similar) Gyro: helps turning in space using electricity (infinite), weak 5-way hover: helps turning in...
  3. The Grand Teki

    Another "kingdom": United Earth Space Operations (UESO)

    DISCLAIMER: This is mostly a roleplay, don't take everything seriously please! TerraTech flag variation: Affilates: Duck Republic: ALLIED Silver Fleet Systems: ALLIED Kiwi kingdom: AT WAR Lemon Kingdom: neutral Legion Region Kingdom TAC: ALLIED ChaOS: ALLIED Kebab Kingdom: ALLIED TGAF...