1. E

    Tutorial Enhancements/Simplification

    After you complete the tutorial for the first time, having to repeat most of the simple early game missions and such quickly becomes tedious, or at the very least boring or annoying. Here are several tasks that I believe should be considered part of the tutorial: Recovering your solar...
  2. strikyer


    As of now the devs killed the modding community, maybe by mistake but that mistake was with a .50BMG sniper rifle it'll take a lot of time to fix it and some quit so i'm posting this to quell the folly of it all for the moment it's not simple but we can do it: -put this link on your browser to...
  3. ifnotthe2nd

    Big Pete gives an anchoring tutorial

    How about that big GEOCorp guy stops being so shy and gives some tutorials on anchoring techs... Ya coding headache, but I think since anchoring techs is such a significant part of the game that someone should explain it to beginners...
  4. Lord Zarnox

    Tutorial solar generator spawning in salt flats?

    I decided to start a new campaign in 0.7.4, and the solar generator seems to have landed way off in the salt flats. The best picture I could get was with a snapshot, so it isn't as clear as it should be, but I don't think this is meant to happen. Also, the GSO cap repaired itself. Note: Sorry...
  5. maritaria

    Tutorial - Creating custom blocks

    The following tutorial is copied from this github example project. The github page contains gifs for each step, they could not be added since forum posts are limited to a maximum of 3 images (for some reason) Getting Unity First, you need the correct version of the Unity Editor. This is version...
  6. D

    skip tutorial

    when skipping the tutorial i would like to skip everything and get the grade 1 tech with a solar pannel
  7. HappyApathy

    In-game tutorial for using Snapshot system

    On the steam discussion board I've had to answer the question "how do I save my tech?" a few times. Playing through the tutorial I've noticed there is nothing explaining how the snapshot/buy saved tech system works. While there is a YouTube video that explains it (another complaint, it...
  8. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Voiced guidance in the game

    Hi, @Jason Howard and @StigC just showed the new explanation video for the SCU in stream. () I really liked it and enjoyed the beautifull voice of @KattStrike (sounded very serious and professional). My suggestion: Add a character like GLADOS or E.V.A. to TT and have Katt do the voice-overs...