1. TheTecher

    Squads - An Idea

    The current idea of Squads in TerraTech has been flowing through me head for a bit. So, the basic idea is this. Squad leaders, lead a squad. Squads' colors can be interchangeable, and can be any color. (Consider a hex color palette.) Techs joined in a squad, follow the squad leaders, and is...
  2. TheTecher

    [Challenge] Turrets Only! (Don't know where this'd go..)

    Turrets ONLY! Going around, destroying everything you see in one tech boring now? How about a change of pace! Find an enemy? Spawn some turrets outside of it's range, then attract it to them! Restrictions: No explosion-dealing weapons, and only use GSO blocks. Turrets are the only method of...
  3. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactInd™ Archive(Explained at a Later Date)

    Here’s some stuff you need to know, assuming this is your first time viewing this thread: 1. This could be considered a Tech Showcase, but it's Techs from a company, not a singular entity. I.M.R.S.A.P.T.M.W.T.T would be NotExactlyHero's Tech Showcase... 2. In RP, common restrictions apply to how...