1. WhitePaw2002

    TerraTech Mod Manager

    TerraTech Mod Manager 2 A recreation of TTMM, now for 1.0 and beyond for mods using the new modding system (Harmony) Just boot it up, download a mod and boot up the game! Simplify downloading and managing mods. You can find the latest build here: TTMM Releases TerraTech Mod Manager GTK...
  2. WhitePaw2002

    Block Replacement Mod

    A mod capable of replacing the textures and models of blocks, and also add custom script to them! You can replace uncommon blocks with ones you make yourself, or give common ones a spin and leave them looking sharp! And if you are very devoted, you can give a custom block life by making your own...
  3. WhitePaw2002

    Local Multiplayer Injection Mod

    What is it? Forced Tech Control. Allows for 2 techs to be controlled at once. It's a mod that launches a new thread, a host pipe, when the camera starts (it's easier that way for me). When connected to by the included control client, it will receive the target name and write it to a static...
  4. WhitePaw2002

    [OUTDATED] The TerraTech MOD Manager!

    Font provided by Sylver TTMM This version of TTMM is no longer available For newer versions, please look here: TTMM 2