1. Arkion_

    Graphical glitch | Mountain/ Forest Rocks & Trees

    I've just experienced another graphical glitch similar to the Moon overlay bug. Mountain type rocks change color ( to a strong red ) when i pass my camera near or through them. My game is in a Solo Campaign, and i happened to be mining Rodite from a mountain zone so that i could build a Venture...
  2. Lord Zarnox

    Tree melee weapon for Special corporation

    Lets just say some prospectors got sick and tired of being mauled by wild trees that they decided to uproot them, attach them to their techs, and use them as weapons themselves.
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Tree re-grew through large base tech.

    A pretty minor bug. Happened in creative. I watched as a tree re-grow through the corner of this test base (then it's buddy behind it re-grew straight after). Didn't break anything. I'd had a different base there for a while, then built this one in it's place. LOG file attached (geddit...?)...
  4. A


    Do trees grow back?