1. Teraman64DD

    The Question of Changing Translation

    What should I do to replace entries that has already been added to the game and can not be edited in the spreadsheet by a new translation? I found some translated entries that must or should be revised as like a mistypo, but they are not in the page named "Japanese Translations Required" that we...
  2. Tealyen

    Volunteer to make Hungarian translation

    If it is planned, I'd offer my help in making a Hungarian translation for the game. I'm able to start it all alone and to continuously upgrade it as required.
  3. The Grand Teki

    I would like to attempt a Hungarian translation of everything ingame.

    I would also point out invalid information I find in the current English translation of the game, since I noticed there are a few, heavily scattered around ingame.
  4. TheSpaceMan

    German translation polishing

    As nice that I find that I almost completed the german translation, there is some room to polish the translation. The translation should be put into the game in the next update. What I am asking for is if there are some people on the forum playing the game in german (not so common), that could...
  5. jnj01

    Norwegian translation

    I'd be happy to help making a Norwegian translation to the game, I see you have most other scandinavian languages but not Norway.
  6. DerDragonhunter

    Translater Guidelines for consistency (for German)

    Hi All Translaters. I wanted to make Guidelines for the German Translaters, to keep all Translations consistent (or as similar as possible). I wirte this "prolog" in english for those translaters of other languages that want to do it this way too, for a nice Game Translation. But every Language...
  7. Zed

    Renaming Component Factory "Dongles" to "Modules"

    Please Consider renaming the component dongles to component modules. While a minor point this slight change to the naming of these often used blocks might make localization (translation) efforts simpler as well as be slightly more accurate / appropriate to the function of this specific subset...
  8. EjderkesenTR

    Türkçe TerraTech

    Merhaba,ben RADiati10n. Şu anda TerraTech'i Türkçeye çevirmekle uğraşıyorum.Bu konuda bana yardım etmek isteyenler bana yazabilir.Yardım etmek için sizde olması gereken özellikler: *İyi bir İngilizcesi OLMALI *Oyunu az-çok bilmeli (End-Game'e gelmeli) Deyimleri bilmeli ( "*"'li olanların olması...
  9. M

    Czech Translation

    Greetings, I would like to ask, if anyone is already translating this game into Czech and if not, then if I could be the one to translate it.
  10. halestrad.2006


    Following message is for someone who can read Japanese 日本語の出来る方へ このスレッドではTerraTechの日本語化にご協力頂ける方々の意見交換を行う場所です。 手順の説明 翻訳にご興味のある方はお手伝いさせていただきます。 まずフォーラムサイト画面の右上からアカウント登録をしましょう アカウントにログインしてないと権限がかなり制約されます。 次にWelcomeTTtranslators で英文の自己紹介をしましょう ボランティアの意思が他の人に伝われば 全言語の翻訳統括者から数日〜数週間で直接連絡が来るはずです。...
  11. M

    Swedish Translation

    Hejsan allesammans! Välkommen till den svenska översättningens forumtråd för diskussion kring den svenska översättningen av spelet Terra Tech. Här kan ni gärna skriva synpunkter på hur kring spelet ska översättas, peka ut eventuella stavfel och diskutera andra saker kring översättningen. Om ni...