1. Nooboid

    RR Testing: Theta Division

    Welcome to the Tech Database for RR testing: Theta Division In this database, you will find all RR test techs built by Theta Division (formerly THETA Shipyards)
  2. Legionite

    (non-Official) Test Kingdom RP Battle Layout

    Does not apply in any thread unless you add "TEST_RP_BATTLE" to the top of your thread. It applies to everything a kingdom does if it is used as a tag for a kingdom's main thread. This is an experiment Any battles that happen in TEST_RP_BATTLE are deemed non-canon, and thus aren't applied to...
  3. GamerParrish

    I need recruits!

    I'm currently testing a ROBLOX game before I use more specialized engines (Unity) to make a game. This game is going to be called momentum, and it's going to have many bugs in ROBLOX and Unity testing. And I need as many bug finders as you can get! All the glitches! All the exploits, find them...