1. Z

    Suggestion, Camera blocks

    I would like to the something like camera blocks. I mean Blocks that are cameras that you can cycle through. for example to make a first person view. (iam not very good in english, but i hope you understand what i mean.) PS: (this has nothing to do with the suggestion) What means "Beta Deluxe"?
  2. HeX

    TerraTech Block List and Info

    This block list and info file contains recipes, ids (for @WhitePaw2002 's SPCheats mod), health, gun data, damage data, armor values, etc. Stable: 1.4.6 Unstable:
  3. Trebuchet88

    TerraTech Snafu Thread

    For anyone who isn't sure what a snafu is: https://reddit.com/r/coaxedintoasnafu A simple, humorous, or exaggerated way of getting a point across... or meme comics drawn in ms paint.
  4. TheSpaceMan

    What is your favourite memory of the old TT?

    Terratech has undergone many changes (thankfully good ones) but there also were fun things about the earlier stages of TT. It was more messy and less organized than now and had more bugs. While TT has come a long way, these things can be interesting too. I liked unlocking Venture stuff without...
  5. TheAlmightyBread

    A few complaints I have about the game...

    First off, I like this game. I have 100+ hours on it so I'm not Anti-TerraTech, but I do have some criticisms I'd like to share. First off, curb your random world generation/tutorial. Every world I play is basically the same thing. Sure there's some variation and some things that stand out...
  6. M

    A Call to Arms! Help please...

    Dear Terratech Community, As some of you may know Youtube has changed its rules yet again and they are pushing the small channels out of monetization. So what, they don't make 22 cents a day anymore..? Well actually there is more to it than that. Without being monetized, you don't get any...
  7. missleMaster1793

    (Linux) Computer crashing

    My computer keeps crashing. I notice that the regular temp is 26-7 C, but whenever I play terratech for more than 10 mins, it climbs to 30 C, sits for a minute, then crashes. Note, it is in a entertainment stand, but I can't put in another, external fan, cause of the stero/kareoke machine and I...
  8. L

    Hawkeye Weapons :: Stinger Missiles

    As the updates get better and BETTER I am becoming more and more interested in setting up a stable and permanent base so defending it from other prospectors is sort of an issue. I could see a use for the Hawkeye Laser Targeting here in possibly a team fashion Have a dedicated AI with the laser...
  9. G

    Auto miners spawning massive amounts of recources

    When I build an auto miner, (with receivers near them) and leave the area around them and unload them when I come back, there are hundreds of recourse chunks (depending on the time I was away).
  10. GamerParrish

    [] - SCU Still Broken {occasional deployment visual glitch}

    The SCU texture is still glitched HOW TO RECREATE 1. Again, just spam and get lucky. Theres no order of how to do it 2. Presto!
  11. EjderkesenTR

    Türkçe TerraTech

    Merhaba,ben RADiati10n. Şu anda TerraTech'i Türkçeye çevirmekle uğraşıyorum.Bu konuda bana yardım etmek isteyenler bana yazabilir.Yardım etmek için sizde olması gereken özellikler: *İyi bir İngilizcesi OLMALI *Oyunu az-çok bilmeli (End-Game'e gelmeli) Deyimleri bilmeli ( "*"'li olanların olması...
  12. qwe2332

    A few suggestions after 97 hours of playing

    You can just go over one of the Text Chunks at your please. But you are welcome to comment on more. Thank you. I have these thoughts cross my mind while it took another 3 hours in total to think: 1.Mobile Fabricators and Mobile Scrappers.It would be great if you can instantly scrap up the...
  13. Skylance

    Steam Key

    Hello, To cut it short, I bought TerraTech Before you all Added the R&D and before you all added the game to steam. However when you added to Steam I accidently sent it too the wrong Steam account. I was supposed to put in my Email, but i put the Name instead, and it messed it all up. Is...
  14. Trippeh

    Twitch - TripleTrippeh LiveStreams

    I've been streaming, irregularly for now, but maybe I'll find a nice schedule. Perhaps one day I'll have the courage to talk on the mic more.. I just don't know what to talk ab... OK no I'm dead shy.. haha :oops: For all my past streams: https://www.twitch.tv/tripletrippeh/videos Please post...
  15. Mindlessmrawesome

    10 Things that should definitely be in the future of Terra Tech

    I understand that Terra Tech is still in it's early stages. Hawkeye was a HUGE update and an amazing one, but what it added in wasn't exactly what we are looking for. Games that keep adding content without functionality end up in big ditches where people see no reason to play, because once you...
  16. Squiggy

    Aiming, and Firing

    I think that there should be a way to aim. It'll make sniping easier and the won't be as much trouble. Maybe the scroll button. Hold it down and move the mouse around. This would also be helpful because your tech doesn't lock on until the enemy sees you.
  17. Squiggy

    The Future

    Will there be other planets in which later in the campaign you can land on? I think that this would be really cool and it would make the game more interesting. Also, techs should be able to ride on other techs. This would make transporting techs a lot easier and cool.
  18. 12paul123

    Improve the gameplay

    The game is about building your mech and getting the parts from the enemies and the shop by level up. But its getting boring after you played a bit you have plenty of stuff or money by selling the parts or saving them for later and all the resources isn't that good to get money at the start you...
  19. S

    Need help!

    Missions wont show up in the mission log no matter what i do. there is probably a easy fix to this question but for the life of me I cannot find out what it is.
  20. Cusuno

    GSO Cosmonaut Cab's first and final Multiplayer Arena Debut in Robocraft

    GSO Cosmonaut Cab is finally back after a long break! This time even bigger than ever before and now dares to join the battle in the icy lands of the Ice Planet with other players. This is the first and last multiplayer video of the Cab being fully equipped in Robocraft because Megabots are...