1. ExileFox

    repost: ramp to the box 75m spawned awkwardly in very rough terrain

    Yeah, this ain't gonna fly... src: https://steamcommunity.com/app/285920/discussions/1/1747892189241742880/
  2. Nerf Craft

    Angled Tracks for Hills

    Tracks are not very popular, because they are terrible for rough terrain and hills.They are shaped in a way that makes it difficult to get your tech started on a hill bu work okay once you're on it. So to help with hills and other terrain, I came up with the idea of angled tracks. There would be...
  3. ExileFox

    [1.0] Crate spawned underground - also trading station in funny location

    This was discovered during the "Abandoned Tools" quest: save, if needed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jyvszs8x9wubvya/good%20tech%20bad%20quest.sav?dl=0
  4. xSoNz

    [] Bugged save, probably...

    So, I know that when u experience a bug in your save, and then after a while another one, it's probably a bugged save.. So, first of all, I've experienced a bug where terrain of my world is glitched. It fixed after a reload. Then, when I finished all missions, (I was at the end of the game), I...
  5. Bgrmystr2

    [0.7.8] Terrain biome loading / replacement errors

    I made a brand new save fresh off the 0.7.8 patch, played for a few hours, saved, went to sleep, played it earlier today and all was normal. After re-joining the game just now, I've found some major errors in the biome loading. The salt flat was not there originally, nor was the mountain...
  6. ZeroGravitas

    Is this "Grassland ‘Woodland Valley’"? It's pretty anyway. :-)

    I've seen people struggling to know if they've found it, from the above description in the patch notes. But is this it, when it happens to be surrounded by mountains and desert. Is that a deliberate thing that can happen too...?: (Full resolution.) The area kind of reminded me or...
  7. Shayne

    Custom terrain generation.

    I've been trundling round my world in a giant geocorp / GSO / experimental build for quite a while now, and it struggles to move, a lot of the time, due to the fact that wheels cannot climb extremely high / mountainous terrain, but that is the main terrain in the game. Especially surrounding...
  8. The Grand Teki

    [7.5.8] Capturable enemy base spawned inside terrain

    I will only consider votes on the poll by Payload. I already captured it but I didn't use build beam, The save and the output log is attached:
  9. Zed

    Tilted Obelisk

    Not Certain if Terrain Generation is supposed to permit this so I am posting it here as a possible bug.