terra tech

  1. J

    Terra Tech Plus - Modding Project

    Concept & Idea I am looking for a couple of developers/designers and testers willing to spend some time together on starting a project related to some of the suggestions available in the forum for improvements of Terra Tech. Mostly focusing on the simple things that bring the most improvements...
  2. D

    Terratech switch update small issues and tweaks

    So last night I discovered you guys updated terratech on the switch to be up to par with all the the other versions for the first time in quite a few months, however I believe you’ve left some unintended text in the game. Such as supposedly being able to raise you block limit by leveling up. I...
  3. Z

    Suggestion, Camera blocks

    I would like to the something like camera blocks. I mean Blocks that are cameras that you can cycle through. for example to make a first person view. (iam not very good in english, but i hope you understand what i mean.) PS: (this has nothing to do with the suggestion) What means "Beta Deluxe"?
  4. T

    Painting Mode?

    *Note: This is my first forum post* Have you ever not liked the colours/colors of the blocks? Then why not add a painting mode where you can paint blocks different colors? The colors might not be saved when you save things, but IDK I'm not a developer. Please reply with your opinion!
  5. TheAlmightyBread

    How is TT going to do versions?

    The reason I'm asking is because we're at 7.9.2 right now and 7 is pretty close to 1.0, which seems like it might be a problem. What if a bunch of significant (but not significant enough) updates are released until it gets to 9.9.9 and then you have to make the monstrosity that is 0.10.0...
  6. Masakari

    [] Crafty Mike Disappeared {NPCs vanish}

    CRAFTY MIKE IS MISSING Decided to finish this quest since I was near it but can't as you can see. No dialogue either on approach or next to the delivery cannon. Couple in-game days since I accepted the quest so no clue if that matters. Gonna cancel and retry it. For some reason I didn't...
  7. S

    Summit your END GAME BOSS tech for the campaign.

    Hey guys i wand to start a thread (yes this one) where you can submit a end boss for the campaign. And how nows the defs might use them ;) I'm thinking about two types right now. 1:techs made out of one kind of corporation (gso, geo esc) 2:mix techs that use everything. Ill make a list in...
  8. S

    The Best Terra Tech Helicopters Ever Made.

    I kid you not I still cant believe how well this flies, even thought its the size of a decent GeoCorp Tech. It took almost 17 small scales and 3 large scales to figure out center of mass, and how to best control it, and I have to say the results are spectacular. I'm sorry for the rough video but...
  9. GermanLeagueGaming

    GLG's Garage

    This is my Garage. Here i will post my favorite and newest techs. Have fun and feel free to give some feedback ;)
  10. maritaria

    Flagging modded clients in bugreports

    Hello PayloadStudios, After a talk with @Dellamorte it became clear that my mod may have taken you a bit by surprise. I have added a feature to my mod for my next release so you can detect what reports come from clients with my mod installed. 1. A field is added to the WWWForm named "mods" 2...
  11. Mindlessmrawesome

    10 Things that should definitely be in the future of Terra Tech

    I understand that Terra Tech is still in it's early stages. Hawkeye was a HUGE update and an amazing one, but what it added in wasn't exactly what we are looking for. Games that keep adding content without functionality end up in big ditches where people see no reason to play, because once you...