1. reaperx1

    How About A Special Terminal?

    What I am suggesting is a terminal that will allow you to buy all the special blocks only. I think this would be a great reward for when you max out all the licences seeing how you already get a terminal for maxing out the individual licences. This way the special blocks would be more available...
  2. F

    Hawkeye payload terminal

    Hi so I was wondering how I could get the Hawkeye payload terminal. Because I am level 3.. but I don't know how do get it please help!
  3. M

    Searching in Shop

    I wish you could add a search bar to the trading terminal... that would make it so much easier to find what I need.
  4. matik2002

    New terminals

    So I have been discussing in the chat the idea of new blocks. Here are my blocks: - Block Terminal & Server Blocks: Buyable from the shop, works like the silo, but has almost unlimited space. The space can be ezpanded by putting server blocks to the base. How it works: It will be a 1×2 block...
  5. E

    ( New terminal purchasing blocks bug

    I was buying GSO Dirt wheels and every time I clicked buy it would select the Little Trekker Wheel. Just wanted to let you know.
  6. M

    It sometimes crashes when I open the payload terminal menu

    Approximately 50% of the times when I open it for the first time when the game has started it crashes. Dont no why