Used for showcasing awesome techs and creations made or modified or adaped by THE ALPHA. :) And other cool techs and things
  2. D

    Docking Block for connecting two Techs

    I have an idea for a block that can attach two techs together. Possibly a block that acts as a docking port and you have to have one on each tech or one that attaches to whatever you press it against. There is also the problem of what happens when other blocks from each tech come together as...
  3. reaperx1

    Larger Upload Limit

    In the last few months TT has been getting a lot better and also easier to build bigger. The problem is that if you build to the limit 64x64x64 the snapshots are most likely too big to upload. I have had a snapshot over 2MB if I remember correctly. So why not up the upload limit to 3MB? It...
  4. T

    the ownages crib

    rewrite this is my techs crib were i share my techs and i want you to use them and give me feed back and if you want you can post your techs here and i will give you feed back and i know there is a lot of place to do this but i still want to do this
  5. Olli_DXD

    Suggestions for building in R&D

    Hi! Iv'e run out of ideas of things to build. That is why I want you to suggest something for me to build. Rules are the following: It must possible to make in the R&D test chamber. It must be possible to save in one file. Those are the two rules you must follow to post a build suggestion. If...
  6. Nocallia

    The Bacon Bowl

    Hello Fellow Terratechians. After seeing many have made a thread that are all about my techs, I have decided to join the group. This is a group of my weirdest, biggest, and favorite techs. This group is so big, I will have to divide them into many different posts. Section 1: Sumo Techs First...
  7. Chrii_the_Vieh

    The Dragon's Hangar - Home of Chrii's brilliant creations

    Hi fellow TerraTechnicians, this thread is meant to hold my most notable, weirdest and most creative techs. As I am most fascinated by flying techs and love dragons, the name was easy to find. It is also the base for finding my treasured techs anytime and a platform to get your feedback on my...
  8. matik2002

    So I've probably gone too far... I was experimenting with Cabbie in R&D trying to make a Megasilo base capable of holding every single resource chunk (refined) in the game. I made a prototype and I filled it with conveyors. Then I wanted to remove all 4 Silos, but as soon as I removed the 4th one... THIS started. Its...
  9. reaperx1

    Reapers Playground

    I figure I would start a thread so that I can post all the different craziness that I create. I also welcome any other techs that you feel deserve to play in the Reaper's Playground. If you can please post a short video of you tech in action and also any snapshots involved. Thanks Have a...
  10. matik2002

    Silly & Tricky Techs - Creative bases, border expanding Techs etc.

    Hello everybody! You had to encounter some Techs or built some which have a propulsion other than wheels, hover or thrusters, built some bases with an original conveyor design and configuration. Post pictures of Techs which had very original ideas for many things, i.e. Weapons are boosters...