1. Legionite

    Compound Weapons Tech Thread

    A little thread to post your "compounded weapons" Techs: Press space and see the power! If you need help with getting this bug to work and or get it to save correctly, please let me know and I will post the instructions below with pictures.
  2. Shayne

    Free weapon aim with the mouse.

    Well I've been running around with a new tech for a while, just going back and forth between a trading station, some resource patches, and my base, while killing anything that spawned between, and doing the occasional side mission. I have noticed that my weapons never seem to track fast moving...
  3. JimmyBlether

    More Control Over Tech Placement

    I think we need more control over the 'tech placement' function of the SCU due to if you want to e.g. make large, multi-tech walls around your base or set up vehicles at certain angles. May not be needed but would help with setting up base complexe's layouts. The current version spawns the tech...
  4. The Grand Teki

    Found tech gallery

    Have you ever seen techs that you maybe laughed at or said something like "it looks awesome"? Have you ever wondered who made them? Do you want others to see what you found? Please post those techs you want in this thread! This is intended to be a megathread like the Request for Tech Removal...
  5. Litsman3d

    My 7.4.3 base

    Well somehow my saves managed to load in the new 7.4.4 TT. But i cannot see the biome changes they made (i believe the seed has to do smthing with it...) So im gonna start over again the campaign i like to play. I found two of those "monuments" so ive built my next full base on one! but before i...
  6. Legionite

    Legionite's Walkers, Hovers, Airborne AI Experiments and Stuff

    MK2 Hello there, I am Legionite and this is technically my first time post on the TerraTech Forums. I have created some many experimental Techs(vehicles) in TerraTech that I have shared with community for some time now. Some of these may be flat out random, while some may involve AI experiments...
  7. NotExactlyHero

    What kills?

    Does anybody have techs that they think are amazing? I'd like to hear about it.(Or "Does anybody saw other player techs that they think are amazing?")
  8. NotExactlyHero

    Whoops, I did it again...

    Soo, I kinda did it again... I added to much... I made a battery, that can take down the hardest turret on R&D. I need help!
  9. NotExactlyHero

    New Destroyer Class Tech

    I'm planning on building a tech that will destroy EVERYTHING! I have a few ideas but I'm waiting until the new update to build it. Vote for a name, or post an option in the comments. I'm open to all ideas.
  10. GamerParrish

    The Imagination Zone

    Welcome to the Imagination Zone! It sounds like a children play-zone to be honest ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This thread is for any tech you want to put on here...
  11. Zed

    Tweeted Tech Archive

    Just a quick random thought regarding the ability to tweet techs / invaders from ingame that it would be nice to have all of those archived and collected here on forums for additional versatility; perhaps a tech library thread where each tech could be rated by the forum community.
  12. Shayne

    Small fee to lure an invader to your world.

    Basically, I've been looking around for an invader for hours, now. And I've not had a single one pop up. I had 3 in around half an hour, after I finished GSO Grade 2, and Geo Grade 1 missions... Yet none with my huge techs. How about paying a small fee, around 10,000 BB, to lure an invader to...
  13. The Grand Teki

    TGT Industries (tech showcase)

    I'll post my techs here if I want them to be seen. Ex. I'm not gonna post my quick unarmed explorer (GSO cab, 2 GSO 2-blocks, and 4 springer wheels, that simple).
  14. GermanLeagueGaming

    GLG's Garage

    This is my Garage. Here i will post my favorite and newest techs. Have fun and feel free to give some feedback ;)
  15. Potato

    Potato's Tech Oven

    Note: Please don't post your own techs here. Make a new thread. *ahem* So, this is where I'll be posting my techs, along with how they're built (if available), and my processes. Naming Convention Alright, now that's out of the way, here's my techs so far: All Techs posted here are open to...
  16. Gandalf

    Assemble techs from SCU storage

    Haven't found a suggestion about this anywhere even though this feels very obvious to me: It should be possible to have a new tech assembled from blocks stored in the SCU. Basically this would work exactly like buying a tech from the stations, except it takes blocks from the SCU instead of...
  17. marshrover

    Tech disappearing while away from its location.

    I was out doing supply runs with my little tech between bases, updating them with the payload terminal which I had just unlocked, and when I came back to my main base my big main tech was gone. Luckily I had recently made a snapshot of it, and after a bit of harvesting and selling I managed to...
  18. Exund

    Sylvered Army (by Sylver)

    Welcome to the Sylvered Army hangar,soldier! Here you will find the Techs made by our most talented swiss engineer Sylver !(A.K.A. Exund Starwind but its another Story) There will be all types of Techs:Flyers, Harvesters, Tanks, Harvester Flyers, Tank Flyers, Tank Harvester Flyers, Compacted...
  19. K

    Need help

    I have been playing terra tech like 2 years and I have a problem, maybe not a big problem but still I need help I want to discover new blocks but I dont find any I have connected to twitter but nope no new blocks. I mostly wanna find the experimental blocks (like the blade and the radar mostly)...
  20. Giovanni

    Post Your Coolest Techs And Bases!

    Hey all I just wanted to see your cool techs and bases for ideas and inspiration! This is my main tech it has the capacity to hold four auto processors for resources (Picks them up, refines them, then sells them), two GEO CORP batteries, four GSO batteries, and more guns than what is shown in...