1. Aaregon

    Renaider Nomad Giant

    This is my current Nomad GeoCorp vehicle for the unstable which has been working decently but now it cant climb hills as well.
  2. Potato

    The Lemon-Kingdom Official Tech & Resource Stockpile

    Greetings traveler! You have reached the Lemon Kingdom's Tech and Resource Stockpile, where all of our Techs are stored for our fellow citrizens to use! Feel free to look around! If you are a guest, enjoy your stay! But please don't add your Techs here. If you're a citizen of the Zesty realm...
  3. GamerParrish

    Drawing With Tracks!

    As a long (Longer) living citizen of the TerraTech community I would enjoy to post a challenge that I personally have LOTS of fun with in TerraTech! Track Drawing! While it may sound weird, if you use wheel tracks. You can make symbols, and more! As the creator I post the first drawing of the...
  4. ilikegoodfood

    Anchoring Tweeks

    Two small suggestions to improve the behavior of the anchor-tech function. 1) Increase the length of the anchor. This will help a lot with the tight anchoring checks and allow larger techs better mobility. Currently the anchor has to be placed under the tech, thus negating the benefit of the...
  5. jnj01

    Working ramp/door

    At the current state of the game we don't have any doors or ramps which can be used on mobile techs, but using gyros and trailer connections you can make a very simple ramp or a door if you want, which can be closed and opened by detaching and attaching one of the cabs. I know doors like these...
  6. Zed

    Largest Tech in Enemy Population? [0.7.6+]

    Greetings All; This thread is an open topic for any and all to post screenshots of the largest techs they encounter within the campaign mode of Terratech as an enemy which is not an invader. As the opening entry I present "colbase" which I encountered as the opening wave of a GSO "Destroy...
  7. ZeroGravitas

    [] Hard crash when loading (replacement) tech intersects other tech (R&D, Creative)

    I think the second loading method that's only available in R&D and Creative modes is new and definitely still a WIP, right? So you're probably fiddling with this anyway. But a crash is a crash, and might well loose some players a bunch of creative work on something. Have a video for funs, of...
  8. jnj01


    A rather small helicopter with pretty decent firepower. Requires some practice to fly. Inspired by the russian Mi-24D; a 1700HP attack helicopter, which has been in use since 1972. It's a shame you need it to be covered with 5-way thrusters for proper steering to function.
  9. M

    Would there be any Mech Legs at all later on?

    Just getting really tired of using wheels all the time, and if so could it be like a customizable system? just to have different kinds of legs that we can use and create rather than waiting for Pre-built ones to come out. Because I wanna build like a huge AT-AT kind of walker to do both combat...
  10. Chrii_the_Vieh

    New Population-Techs from Techies for Techies

    Hi fellow Terratechnicians, brilliant, you found your way here! This thread is dedicated to gather all your great tech-designs for the population of TerraTech. (it is not yet aknowlegde by the devs or in any way official) You ask me why? You ask why not submit them in the community core? You...
  11. GamerParrish

    [] Unstable - Floating Enemies

    It seems when your by mountains if you get an enemy to spawn and don't get so close that his AI starts working. He flys! This is sort of a bug, but not really. HOW TO RECREATE 1. Find mountain (Red Hills) biome 2. Have enemy spawn on side of HIGH mountain 3. Presto! REMEMBER: DON'T GET TO...
  12. dan96kid

    dan96kid's garage of strange and absurd techs.

    New-ish player here. I've had this game sitting in my steam library for a while, and last night I decided to make a tech... May I present, the Terra Guntruck! This tech is huge, somewhat fast, and has a ton of weapons. It will pretty much destroy anything that gets in front of it. I'm not sure...
  13. Litsman3d

    My 7.4.3 base

    Well somehow my saves managed to load in the new 7.4.4 TT. But i cannot see the biome changes they made (i believe the seed has to do smthing with it...) So im gonna start over again the campaign i like to play. I found two of those "monuments" so ive built my next full base on one! but before i...
  14. BenBacon

    Bacon, Inc

    Founded in 2017, Bacon, Inc has perfected many prototypes into what you will see here
  15. D

    skip tutorial

    when skipping the tutorial i would like to skip everything and get the grade 1 tech with a solar pannel
  16. K

    [] Enemy tech spawned without cab

    During a GeoCorp delivery crate ambush, one of the techs spawned did not have any cabs on it, and as a result was unable to move or shoot. The tech in question is named 'Paw'. (again, for some reason forum is refusing to accept any uploads for me...)
  17. L

    My overall suggestions.

    Personal I develop games as a hobby- and i'm am absolutely in love with your game and it's concept, furthermore I hope development never ceases and this game gets to achieve it's FULL and TRUE potential for greatness. Here are just a few of my ideas- 1. DEFINITELY needs a user interface...
  18. Argendrac


  19. 1NE_DARkNESS

    The Darkhold (Edited Saves & Techs)

    WELCOME TO THE BOOK OF SINS :eek: Brand New Campaign Money Save: Version ENJOY AND PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE FOR FUN ONLY - DO NOT REPORT BUGS TO THE DEVS WHILE USING THIS SAVE - ANY PROBLEMS OR ISSUES PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Also keep checking back for my latest creations, click on the...
  20. GermanLeagueGaming

    GLG's Garage

    This is my Garage. Here i will post my favorite and newest techs. Have fun and feel free to give some feedback ;)