1. Cupholder

    Nom Nom's Experimental Techs

    What this thread is about: I want to show and let others experience both techs I've taken a liking to, and techs that operate strangely. You can expect to see quite a few unofficially modded techs and some completely vanilla (I will indicate which). I give credit to another player, WARMIND...
  2. K

    [1.4.9][PC] -SteamWorkshop-Upload error

    Platform PC Game version 1.4.9 Frequency every time Game Mode all mode Description After creating the airframe, an error occurs when uploading it to the workshop. I haven't changed any skins or mods, but suddenly I can't do it anymore. I have tried the following Reinstall Terratech...
  3. B

    The Possibility to Fight modded techs?

    not sure wether i should have came here to ask this or modded but i think i'll end up getting a contradictory responce no matter where i go what im asking is if there is a way someone can mod the game to allow modded techs? now i know the way terratechs techs work, they need to be uploaded to...
  4. Z

    Please make better Enemy techs against Air Techs.

    Air techs are too Overpowered. I just need to make a flying tech and im invincible.. Also, every tech that is big enough is invincible. Maybe add some scaling system there the enemies get bigger/stronger the bigger/stronger (my-) tech is. maybe as an Aktivate/Deaktivate able function. (Edit...
  5. E

    New kind of cab: The Gunner Cab

    Hello Payload Studios, I had the idea of a new type of cabin. The Gunner Cab. This new cab is a kind of rotative turret without anchoring and controllable by a player or an AI (1). The Gunner Cab get only weapon controls and is controlled by a player/AI even if a player/AI is drive the Tech...
  6. R


    Had nothing to do and haven't played in a while so the Better Future faction was new to me. I love the slick new designs that you can make!
  7. A

    what is the problem with my tech?

    i recently made a tech that was supposed to look like the lockheed sr-71 blackbird, but as it turns out it cant lift off. this is the link to the tech in the workshop:

    Tech Radial menu "Block Actions" defective...?

    So I play terratech, and when I go to anchor my tech or switch to it (Yes, I use both methods of switching), I see the "Block Actions" button. I always see this as grey, and red when I roll over it. What does it do and what is it useful for? When is it usable?
  9. Legionite

    [TAC] The Technocratic AI Colony

    Technocratic AI Colony formerly known as the: Technological Realm Of Intelligent AI and Magnificent Robo-Synthetics Colony A kingdom of a once pioneered past, showing light to what many saw as "useless AI" TAC liberated the poor, mindless AI from war and taught it how to drive forwards, jump...
  10. TheTecher

    [Question] How would I snapshot my tech to fight others in Campaign?

    I constantly get reminded each time I kill an invader that "To invade others with your tech, click the Snapshot button." However, I just realize that it saves your tech, and you can post it to social media, steam workshop, etc etc, how would I actuallys POST my tech to fight others as an invader?
  11. B

    gun upgrade?

    terra tech shoud make upgrade able gun like fire bullet explodeing bullet faster reload and how it look:):Dtonytony
  12. stickman_king_28

    Tech inspiration

    Whatever your kingdom is, whoever you think is the best, CLICK THE LINK and look for whichever vehicle looks best to you.
  13. SRTT

    S.R.T.T RnD (SRTT's Research in Techs and Tactics' RnD division)

    making smol bois and posting them here, if u wanna, you can join.
  14. Whensgen

    Hotrod (Self-propelled 170MPH craft)

    Cheap, easy, fast. I present the Hotrod. Only functions on flat ground. The terraphobe hover interacts with the ground. For lower speeds, shorten the center 5 block, or use flatter wheels.
  15. Revolver265

    Revolver's Humble Workshop

    I have created a place to share my few snapshots. Other people can come here and share ideas with me or post improved versions of my Techs.
  16. the.nihilist

    Anangoplex, Inc.

    Ananas Mango Planetary Explorations, Inc. or just short Anangoplex, Inc. was founded in 2019 and started the business of exploring the planet 'yet to be named' … story blah … … you will find my creative outputs here and i will also throw them into a Public Google Drive Folder because i'm not on...

    My silo is in trouble.

    my silo gets full in the middle of the game, in my factory I have 11 silo lined up, each one stores a mine. However when I leave the game and enter all the resources are on the ground and the silos are empty. This is normal?
  18. Mindlessmrawesome

    Workshop updating (just here me out, devs)

    So I know (at least one of) your guys' opinion on allowing users to update their workshop items. "If we let them update their workshop items, they could make a new update that isn't what their actual tech is that users subscribed to! This can't be allowed!" I am here to tell you why this...
  19. ZeroGravitas

    [0.8.1] Easy tech intersection using build beam rotation

    So, the new, faster rotating build beam has the added bonus of being able to easily insert one tech into another (anchored tech)... The tech doesn't even have to be very wide (for fast tip speed), as shown mid-video. You can even anchor techs inside each other (shown around 0m55s). I'm kind...
  20. Soviet_Samuelson

    Ability to reconstruct tech

    When you fight an enemy and take a lot of damage, you should be able to auto-replace all the blocks(only if you have enough blocks in the SCU) from a blue-print that's copied to the files when you enter agro range of the enemy