1. GlauGast

    Arclite Corp & Other Techs

    Arclite Corp Arclite is a corporation that specialises in armoured assault vehicles, artillery and experimental weapons systems. Founded when Keanan Spencer, a Chief Weapons, Hydraulics & Auxiliary Systems Engineer from Hawkeye Industries met with Rachelle Deveaux, a scientist specialising in...
  2. MrTwister

    [] Feedback - Track turning, Cannon turrets turning-tracking

    Firstly guys thank you very much with fixing the issue of sliding wheels in one of the recent 0.8... patches. The side grip is now awesome on all of the wheels including the largest ones and the techs are far more controllable! Good work with those ones, really appreciate the change. 1) Just...
  3. JimmyBlether


    Hello! I thought I would make one of these due to the most recent update. I know I have the SFS thread but that is roleplay. This thread is for posting my random techs that I think should have the pleasure of being on the forum. Here is my first 2 pure Hawkeye tanks, the HE SF (saltflats) Patrol...
  4. Boomik

    Buff Hawkeye Tank Cannon

    Buff the Hawkeye Tank Cannon because right now, it's not very useful because of the absurd amount of space it takes up. (Same with the Autocannon, but that one is more used for fun than actually practical.) Like, increase the fire rate or the explosive damage and radius. The Megaton Cannons...
  5. peterb39

    GSO Destroyer

    I made a powerful GSO tech in the campaign. Here are two versions with slight differences.
  6. FilipG

    Small Techs army

    Im looking for cool tech designs/ideas to create ai army(as small as possible techs). i need: tank(light,medium,heavy,tank destroyer) apc aa tank/truck (missiles or guns) fighter with wings and missiles jeep cruise missile tank/truck helicopter with gun and missile transport truck transport...
  7. Nightblade Greyswandir


    Hello to TTpeople! At this moment this is only game that I play, and that mean that I do not play Elder Scrolls Online, Civilization 6 and Elite Dangerous because of this game. Here I will post some interesting tech made mostly by me and some made by my 9 years old son who also love TT and...
  8. S

    a set of tracks

    How about a set of tracks like an excavator or a tank? I think we've already got enough wheels and i'd like to see something else for a change! - tracks could be added to a set of existing wheels - tracks can only be added when you have enough track pads for your wheels - tracks might go...
  9. F

    Tank Convoy

    Why only take one turret into battle when you can have TWO?! Uses Batteries and double long half blocks for the link between the two techs Some Action Shots (sorry, still no video, laptop fan is coming in January)