1. A

    (Ver1.4.9)(PC)Bomber command Turret spawning

    for the bomber command quest only 2 of the turrets spawned and the game thinks all 3 spawned so the quest is impossible, I have tried to kill the marked turrets but it just glitches out and says kill first turret while moving on to another turret until it gets to the phantom turret. Game mode...
  2. I

    Ghost resources

    Hello. Maybe someone already wrote about it, but I didn't find it. In multiplayer co-op bug with trees. I play with a friend in survival (he is host). In world there is Ghost trees, I have trees there are, have friend - there is no. I can't collect them. In fact it is a mistake not only with...
  3. quinn

    Survival / Tower Defense

    I think that there should be a mode where you have your base (could be a Trading Station or a similar concept) and there is either a pre-destined route or from all around where enemies come and try to destroy your base in waves, killing each enemy gives some block bucks where you can use them...