1. Matt

    Mod Support Discussion

    Hi Modders, We want to get your thoughts on what type of support we can offer our TerraTech modding community. We'll keep the discussion quite broad for now and if we come across anything specific we'd like to look into further we'll create a separate thread. So get all your ideas down here...
  2. A

    Forum for consoles?

    I cant find any info on consoles. I have a PS4 and feel like proposing a button setup for PS4 in control thread may be out of place. All forum is for PC and i understand this game is new for consoles. Any info?
  3. NiveliKing


    How can I devote more memory to my TerraTech client to help the game run better? I am running a Mac Mini - 16 GB Ram with an Intel Iris 1536 MB Graphics Card. It has 2 Terabytes of space and a 3 GHz Intel core i7.