1. Enderjed


    From how sumo works there could be a new breed of ranked sumo one for steam and using the new multiplayer update and the old twitter ranked from long ago and the participants could decide AI or Human control
  2. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.9] Is Twitter interface dead? No Sumo enemies (also, how to send invaders?)

    This is all I'm seeing in Sumo mode, currently. Same for @Gaming Authoritah, as seen in this YouTube video: I'd been leaving Sumo alone, as I think it's pointless (compared to a full AI tournament mode - please!) and likely to have fallen into disrepair, given current development focus. But...
  3. Chrii_the_Vieh

    The official TerraTech Sumo-Arena

    Welcome to the official TerraTech Sumo-Arena for live events! This is the place to submit your best Sumo-techs to become the next official Sumo-Champion in one of the great leagues of TerraTech-Sumo. Payload decided to stop official livestreams on monday, so... We are very proud to present...
  4. Lord Zarnox

    Broken Sumo Overlay

    See here: Needless to say, I don't think this should be happening. Version 0.7.4
  5. Nightblade Greyswandir

    How to test sumo tech?

    Can you post your sumo tech, no competition, just for fun of sharing tech.
  6. Nocallia

    [] Sumo Feedback

    Sumo Finally Got Fixed :D (Sorry for Wall of Text) I really like the new GUI, really fits with the Sumo Mode. And the Sumo Champ bug is finally fixed :D However, I have a few things that are questionable. 1. Exiting Sumo When you leave the design screen in Sumo, it sends you back to the home...
  7. Zed

    Taking Damage during Sumo Design 0.7.3

    Posting this under newbie section as this is my first attempt to design a sumo challenge bot and wondered if it was normal to take damage to your own sumo during the design phase while pressing space to check weaponry.

    Sumo Cheater Pandamanium2

    So was playing sumo tonight, and played Pandamanium2 "The Be4st" and his tech obviously has more blocks than what is offered in the building menu. Spend all night trying to build a legit tech to beat him... finally did it. I am now Sumo Rank 40!
  9. Nocallia

    Last Sumo.

    I have a prediction that Terratech's next major update will be called the Sumo Update. A full revamp of sumo, with different "sections" of sumo. (Little, Middle, Classic (Right now), and Big.) So, I have a stream suggestion. The Last Sumo. This will be the last Sumo stream, and it will be...
  10. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Where is the streaming-scedule?

    Hi, I just searched and looked around to find anything which might be up on this weeks streaming. Unfortunately, there was nothing. Not even a community core thread (no pick-a-block either). No challenges, no sumo, no nothing... I really want to build my techs every no and then when I find the...
  11. BitMage

    Sumo: Call to arms!

    MurderBot may have designed the next sumo champ. We have pitted it against the current guardians of the title. Im happy to say that each champ met a horrible fate. We are calling it the "MBI_PitBull". We are eager to test it out against all whom are willing to submit. I should mention, we are...
  12. Nocallia

    Sumo Submit?

    I have no idea where to put these sumo techs. I do not see a submit post, so it is either A: @Jamie forgot it, or B: It is not sumo this Friday. So, here are my techs. Umbrella 9: A Flying Brick B4: And Jeff: If the sumo submit post comes *Cough* @Jamie *Cough* I will be reposting...
  13. StyxAnnihilator

    [] Sumo Challenge Ranked Auto: OK button not working

    When I am to click the OK button after become Champion, nothing happens.
  14. Nocallia

    New Sumo Leagues

    Hello. I have come today to make a request for new sumo leauges. Due to the website reset, people do not know what those sumo champions are. And due to the new update, boosters are WAY more powerful, and cannonz can explode, causing a tech to die very, very quickly. So, I have decided, that...