1. Geocorp Jumper

    The Novikov Tech Builder

    I. Novikov first developed the theory of white holes. Ergo, we create a white hole unit as a reverse of the SCU. What would it do? Spout out blocks willy-nilly? No. I propose that this unit possess a UI in which the player chooses among several techs (the same that are found in the shop) a...
  2. Geocorp Jumper

    Tractor-trailer blocks

    These are two blocks: a tractor hook, and a trailer hook. By putting each on different techs, one could connect the two techs by driving one hook close to the other. They are not really hooks, more just strong, specialized magnets. When connected, there are still two independent techs, but now...
  3. Geocorp Jumper

    Corp SCU

    This is both a question and a suggestion: will there be as unique SCU for each Corp? I have some thoughts as to how to specialize each of them: Geocorp: Big, industrial design, with a lot of health. It has a huge range to keep the base clean, but takes much longer to charge. Serves better as a...
  4. Geocorp Jumper

    Geocorp Ranged Weapons

    Saw a thread related to this before, but I figured I'd make a new one for this thought (and my first thread) specifically: Some Geocorp ranged weapon ideas: Nail gun: Uses air pressure to fire a piercing nail. Mediocre fire rate. Medium tracking. Medium-low damage, possibly just under 3-pound...
  5. Nocallia

    Block Suggestions.

    Hello. In this thread, I will be adding quite a few suggestions, some commonly suggested, some not. I will try and now include anything people have not already suggested, stream or forums, and let's go. ___ Laser Chamber This block is 1x2, and what it does is it has all lasers of your tech...
  6. ApErSoNwItHaGrUdGe

    Un-craftable block recipe suggestions

    I really want to get some blocks like the Venture Gyro/Tractor Pad, without making my tech bigger or killing loads of people. Please say recipie, block, and (if the block is Grade-less) a grade for it. Better recipes 4 Dayz ;)
  7. reaperx1

    Calling all Techies

    As some of you know I have started a Youtube channel to show videos of what I am upto in Terra Tech. All the videos I then post here for the most part in hopes that everyone here will enjoy them. The problem that I am having is that I don't really know what I need to do to get noticed out...
  8. Stickguys

    Legion Suggestions

    Hello people, I'm Stickguys, Today I've thought about giving suggestion for the "Legion" even in it's actual state of "planned". That's the actual Dev picture they've made : If it doesn't make problems I think of legion a bit like the StarCraft Zergs (a bit weaker than the others but easier...