1. JuanPinoy

    Graffitied Cabs

    A Technicians work is hard. Mine, defend and craft all day gets tedious after 730 cycles. Some have turned to painting graffiti onto their cabs to customize them.
  2. Potato

    [0.7.X] Adjust Big-boy Wheel and Behemoth Wheel Recipe

    Title says it all: I think the Big-boy wheel's previous, pre-TT_Unstable recipe is fine, and the Behemoth wheel needs to be more expensive. The reasoning is that both wheels are both at GeoCorp Grade 3 and have high weight capacity. This is the current recipe for the Behemoth Wheel: 2x...
  3. JuanPinoy

    Radar Improvement

    Okay so the radar is nice, however the rings sometimes are very indistinct. Especially on salt flats where the radar is almost the same color as the terrain.
  4. JuanPinoy

    To YouTubers

    What software do you use to record, and to edit. P.S. Any other tips?
  5. JuanPinoy

    Special Items

    Thug Life Shades: like an armor plate but shaped like a shades and Pixelated Thumbs: a white hand which glows green if placed right way up or red if placed upside down
  6. JuanPinoy

    Deploying a tech like a block

    When you call down another tech it shows up in a bubble. But what if it shows the tech like a projection and allows you to reattach it to a tech , if it was a splitter.
  7. JuanPinoy

    The Return of SSundee?

    18 Jul 2016 was the last time he made a video on TerraTech and I believe that that was version so who wants a new season and maybe Crainer and SSundee for MULTIPLAYER?
  8. GamerParrish

    Multiple Suggestions

    I normally don't suggest stuff. But when I do, I make sure to make a lot of them :3 Anyway, I have some suggestions for stuff to add to the game that would make it a lot more fun 1. Ability NOT to use twitter to use other techs. I don't have a twitter, and it makes it boring near end game...
  9. Kohta

    Cargo Transportation Mission/Block

    So what I've come to notice is that all of the current game missions have one thing in common that I don't like. They all require you to go to one spot, and then complete a mission in that spot, but TT is a game of traveling, so we need some missions that require more than this. Which now...
  10. Geocorp Jumper

    Portal Block?

    Alright, yes I'm crazy. Maybe that's why I look forward to RR. The Portal Block would be a block that, on its own, is useless, but when put together with other blocks of the same color in an anchored, powered, rectangular shape, it spawns a portal. Add a UI to change the color and then portals...
  11. jnj01


    I'd like techs being able to drive on each other. If we do so now, the tech won't move. Not necessarily that all blocks have this function, but I'd like a plate similar to the GSO armor plates, just with the ability to carry techs that can be able to move on it. This would open up oppurtunities...
  12. Mindlessmrawesome


    READ THE FIRST HERE: *disclaimer: I won't be calling the Dev team Nazis in this one* In my last thread, I suggested ways for the Development team to improve the overall attractiveness of playing the game and ways...
  13. Mindlessmrawesome


    This is a thread to suggest to the development team of Terra Tech for how to continue with this game, both developmentally and communicably. I'll first start with the downsides of Terra Tech that I would like to have fixed in the future. (The ones marked with a tonytony are very important to...
  14. peterb39


    So this is the idea: a new button that makes building and changing techs much easier - you can press it , select two blocks, then press it again, and the blocks will seamlessly swap places. This is meant to solve the problem of tech editing: if you take out a certain block from a tech, the whole...
  15. L

    Comprehensive Terra-Tech Analysis

    Read the ENTIRE post before responding. Okay, So let me start off with saying- Yes this is a suggestion post, Yes I am about to dish out some much needed constructive criticism. If you have an issue with anything I say, I'd suggest keeping it to yourself as I will not be reading your flame...
  16. WhitePaw2002

    Post Suggestions for Mods Here:

    Simple structured suggestion sentences for suggesting mods to be created for TerraTech. Not exactly suggestions for revisions of existing mods, but anything that comes to mind that you would like to see. If it's a suggestion that you want to see in the game, and not a mod for it, you're in the...
  17. L

    My overall suggestions.

    Personal I develop games as a hobby- and i'm am absolutely in love with your game and it's concept, furthermore I hope development never ceases and this game gets to achieve it's FULL and TRUE potential for greatness. Here are just a few of my ideas- 1. DEFINITELY needs a user interface...
  18. Comet

    base/defence block ideas plus venture tech cannon

    hawkeye emp field, disables all electrical/power needing objects in the field. venture tech cannon! the venture tech cannon launches a decently small tech (around 5x5x5 max)into the air apon right click, and also has an angled varient that launches the tech/block like a mortar. the tech cannon...
  19. The Grand Teki

    My small ideas collection, vol. 1

    1: Please nerf explosion sizes. It's very annoying to go around with my magnet tech and pick up all the blocks thrown around by one. Single. Battery. And let's not talk about fuel tanks and rockets (boosters and HE ones) and megaton cannons and... You get it. I hope. 2: Add a "Defend Crafty...
  20. Kestrel

    May I share some suggestions about the gameplay here, please?

    Prologue: Sorry for too much stuff in one post, that's just my observations while I was simply playing the game. P.S. - I also apologize for hurting your eyes with my english... --- It's been too long since I've played it, really like what you did with the game. But there's some stuff that I...