1. Nightblade Greyswandir

    HUD suggestions

    ESC menu icon in top left corner of the screen. So we can change options even if we are holding cup of coffee in our left hand :) Raw resources needed for all ongoing productions (I think I heard that this is already in progress, if it is true forget that I mentioned it). Amounts of resources...
  2. Boomik

    Bigger Blocks

    I'd really like to see some bigger blocks for all the corporations such as bigger wheels, bigger cabs, bigger guns like the Megaton Cannon that doesn't have an absurdly large hitbox, stuff like that. Especially on the bigger wheels part because the Big Boy wheels just don't cut it anymore when I...
  3. GamerParrish

    Ability to remove warnings in forum

    Well, some people have warnings in here. For example, grayswandir has 2 warnings. But he hasn't gained another one sense. Maybe we can have it so if you don't do anything bad for 2 weeks, it will get rid of 1 warning. This way its like getting grounded. If you get grounded from TT (MY WORST...
  4. Boomik

    Are there going to be more Geocorp base blocks?

    Are there going to be more Geocorp base blocks? I'd really like to make a massive GC base. After all, there are GC anchors, so why not a GC conveyor or delivery cannon? A cool idea for them might be that a GC conveyor can hold more resources and the GC delivery cannon can process more at a time...
  5. snowrider777

    Better Resource Collectors

    I love harvesting and fabricated in this game, stocking up silos and silos of resources and being able to craft anything you want but have one complaint. The collectors can be a little annoying sometimes, occasionally they will take up to 5 seconds to pick up a resource, some resources will get...
  6. The Grand Teki

    C. Mike's son and evil twin here!

    As promised, C. M.'s son, C. Daniel: C. M.'s evil twin, C. Manuel: Thumbnails:
  7. The Grand Teki

    My small ideas collection, vol. 1

    1: Please nerf explosion sizes. It's very annoying to go around with my magnet tech and pick up all the blocks thrown around by one. Single. Battery. And let's not talk about fuel tanks and rockets (boosters and HE ones) and megaton cannons and... You get it. I hope. 2: Add a "Defend Crafty...
  8. P

    Crafting still too slow

    So, on my latest playthrough i prettymuch did things they way it seems we are 'supposed' to do things. Harvesting, refining, crafting. And then i gave up. Because it was too time consuming. One big wheel costs something like 36 sap and 24 plumbite. Now, costwise, that's fine. But, you have...
  9. E

    Other planets ...

    Hello !!! I'm don't speak english very well (merci google traduction;)) but I wanted to introduce my idea. If there was other planets in the game ? We would have more possibility. For exemple, We could make our space rocket with new blocs and fly to another skies. You could also put a levels...
  10. corpsgrinder360

    AI Suggestion (and others)

    So the randomly generated basses that you find just have guards and nothing else,either that or some AI that just run away in fear of you. I suggest making it look like the AI is building something or actually doing something productive, like harvesting some rocks nearby to sell for cash, or...
  11. Potato

    Steam Cloud support for Saved progress

    The title says it all, how about Steam Cloud support for saved games? Most of the games I've played on Steam has their saved progresses in Steam Cloud, so I can play on a different PC and simply load the saved game after downloading it. I took note of this because it'll streamline a lot for...
  12. X3kuba3X

    Mission Information

    So this is my suggestion : Mission info - Shows Missions Corp (fe. GSO : yellow GEO : white ( it replaces the question mark color )) Im sick how every mission i meet is from GSO. If you need any more info reply to the thread. Im sorry if its unreadable. Im not good at english.
  13. joshMMill

    New object suggestions

    This is a thread used for suggesting blocks that could be added into the game.
  14. Olli_DXD

    Crash tolerance too low on venture springer wheels, might need buffing

    Over the last couple of days of playing around with the venture springer wheels I noticed how weak they were. Broke the wheels over 5 times just by driving up hills. That is why I feel like they need an overall health buff or just higher crash tolerance. Anyone else noticing this? //Olli
  15. Olli_DXD

    Chat in forum sidebar

    So, I had this idea of implementing a public chat in the forum sidebar so you can chat with the people that are online on the forum while you are. So for instance if I just wanted to tell someone about a thread that they might find interesting but I don't want to start a conversation just to...
  16. Terra Beetle

    Corporation wars

    One thing that would be awesome is to make GSO techs very little as if you have to conquer the planet with the GSO techs being your allies and you have to go to war with other corporations and you probably get money or something by keeping only one corporation blocks and doing their missions...
  17. Stickguys

    Legion Suggestions

    Hello people, I'm Stickguys, Today I've thought about giving suggestion for the "Legion" even in it's actual state of "planned". That's the actual Dev picture they've made : If it doesn't make problems I think of legion a bit like the StarCraft Zergs (a bit weaker than the others but easier...
  18. Cusuno

    Unofficial New Mission Concept (Including Characters and Relationship)

    I remembered how the devs showed rough concepts of characters in the February Dev Diary and came to the idea to redesign the current mission system. Here's how it looks like: [Concept made with Paint.Net] (Note: English isn't my primary language, so please have mercy if you see grammar mistakes...
  19. HappyApathy

    Enemy/AI SCU's at bases

    In the dev stream where the SCU was shown it was mentioned that if your SCU was damaged badly it might start spitting out pieces that you have stored. What about adding SCU's to enemy bases that when destroyed spit out a handful of pieces (maybe have them self-destruct if a base is captured)...
  20. L

    Tactical Elements

    Hi guys :D. I have a cool suggestion for the drones in the game: Tactical elements! What do I mean by that exactly? If you go into a battle, that you can press a button (let's take q) to open the tactical menu. With that opened, you can tell your other techs to come to you/ leave you as...