1. jnj01

    Laser Targetting for AIs

    So, the HE Laser Targeting is a nice detail, but it's not of much practical use. What I suggest, is that you would be able to equip anchored(only?) with a device, which would allow them to target whatever the laser is pointed at. This would open up for a whole new arsenal of long-range weapons...
  2. DerDragonhunter

    Base-Repair Block

    This Repairblock dont produce a Bubble, it repairs all its attached too, like batteries supply all connected with electricity. So this Repairblock conduct Repairing thrue the Blocks/Base. It repairs slowly, uses lot of Energy and only works if Anchored. Its for Large bases, not needed to use in...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    Tech replacement loading in Campaign (like Creative, R&D)

    So, I wasn't a fan of the (over) simplicity of load tech with "Send to Inventory" functionality, when it was new. But given that we have it, and it smooths out game play, why not take it to it's logical conclusion?!;): In-situ loading that replaces your current tech. Like being a flipping...
  4. ZeroGravitas

    XP from Crafting!

    Destroying a Corporation's techs gives you endless hits of XP for unlocking access to more advanced blocks from that Corp. (A little odd, but ok...) Doing little quests, that gives you new blocks as a reward, also gives you this licensing XP. But discovering blocks through actually making them...
  5. T

    Need some ideas.

    I have been wanting to make a tech for each corporation, GSO, Geo Tech, Hawkeye and Venture. However, I need some ideas. I have a good idea for a biplane for venture, but and I started on a huge resource collector for Geo Tech (That I eventually scrapped due to no ability to go up hills), but I...
  6. DerDragonhunter

    What about suggest new Ressources/Materials?

    Hi All, Hi Devs. I want to know, how you feel about suggest new Materials, Ressources etc. Espesially @saiwun I mean not just like Uranium, Gold, also new kinds: Food: Fruits, Berries (to harvest from Trees, Bushes, to create Foodpackages sending back to the earth converted in, atm e.g. 1...
  7. JuanPinoy

    Spawn Tech Search Bar

    Okay simple suggestion a searchbar for the tech bar.
  8. ZeroGravitas

    Alternative block placement orientation controls - simple, predictable

    The proposal: [F] = Next attachment point on held block. [G] = Next block rotation. [H] = Reset to default orientation (optional suggestion). [RMB] = Current smart system, or [G]. The problem: TerraTech has a very nice, slick and simple build interface, for the most part. But once you come...
  9. DerDragonhunter

    How are my suggestions? | And some questions to the Dev.Team

    Hi Guys, hi Devs. I want to know, if i post my suggestions in a good way. My 2 Sugs. atm: Turn-Block & Brake- & ScoopTrigger- Key Because there no replies yet. Are those not interesting? Or do i post them such clearly that no one want to add anything? Or is it to early for those like cause...
  10. JuanPinoy

    Environmental Effects

    I wonder how difficult it would be to have weather effects affecting different biomes. A few weather conditions would be like: Sandstorm appears in the desert at x intervals limiting visibility and affecting sensors. Rain from a slight drizzle to a full-blown typhoon it turns solarpanels...
  11. DerDragonhunter

    Remoted (Gate)Turn-block

    Hi Guys, here is my first Suggestion, pls reply everything u think i Need to know in the future for other suggestions, because this is what i will post a lot. :) (because i didnt read every post and if there are Infos like "whats not possibile in the game yet" im happy to know about) I tell you...
  12. JuanPinoy

    Underground Caverns?

    We've always played terratech, but ONLY the surface. We are prospectors so why can't we dig under? Also what is the planets name? Can we declare a name that will be the accepted as the "official" name of the planet
  13. P

    AI for Turrets

    We need to have an AI or AI setting for player built turrets that use the bearing and axle blocks. As of now, the AI seems to try to follow the main tech(face the main tech) and doesn't try to face enemy techs. It would be great to have an AI setting that would try to always face the enemy tech.
  14. jnj01

    Resource Radar

    First off I'd like it to be featured in the game, but with some changes: The resource you put onto it will be cosumed and any sources of the resource will be shown on the radar for a given amount of time, and you'll then have to put a new resource onto the radar. I'd suggest the more valuable...
  15. W

    Idea for some Geocorp blocks.

    Geocorp seems to lack a lot of blocks, particularly where ranged weapons and movement are concerned. While this fits the theme, it also leaves a lot of gaping weaknesses. So I thought up some ideas that I hope fill in some holes while still remaining faithful to the faction. Supercharger: A...
  16. ZeroGravitas

    Make enemy tech designs the end-game focus (Pokémon style).

    Opportunity: The cornucopia of tech designs already in the game are arguably it's biggest asset. One that could be leveraged to even greater effect, extending the game's content and player engagement in a highly scalable fashion. With enthusiast players eager to contribute more quality builds...
  17. Boomik

    Tech Arena

    A tech battle arena to battle your techs. Basically sumo, but you can use whatever blocks you want. This can be done in R&D with AI and enemies, but currently AI is really stupid and the enemy usually wins. This should also be useful for battling 2 techs for non-R&D users. Here's how it is: 2-4...
  18. Boomik

    Make the base blocks require power

    Base blocks requiring power was the case before, then it got changed for some reason. I like the idea of powered base blocks, because the base blocks currently are just magically powered by an invisible force. This also makes mobile base techs more of a hassle so there will be less of mobile...
  19. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.6] Missing block orientations (master list)

    Hawkeye Plume Wing - has no stop for flat against side of tech, wing edge pointing up or down. (I'd add a picture, but heh...:p) Hawkeye Flat Brackets - have several orientations locked out (as shown in video). An old report from January, by @Sylver. Venture Double Block - Can not be...
  20. Masakari

    New Suggestions for the Auto-Miner

    Some new suggestions for the auto-miner, but I decided to start a new thread for them instead of necroing the one from May I believe it was, and to not make the devs sift through it if/when they decided to look at suggestions in depth to add new features/blocks when they have time to. Unless it...