1. Elliot

    Multiplayer Idea

    I have two ideas for multi-player game modes. These are: 1) You have a base pre built with a flag (capture the flag). You will have 4 types of techs. Scout: able to get the flag quickly and get in and out. Assault: Basic tech decent speed and decent guns. Heavy: Very Slow but heavy armored and...
  2. Zed

    Set Default Music Volume to Half

    As a small quality of life adjustment it is hereby suggested that music volume by default be set to 50% of max for each and every new Terratech Profile. Reasons: 1) Protect the hearing of members of the TerraTech Community 2) Improve the quality of Videos / Streams of TerraTech by...
  3. NovaLegion

    Multiplayer Boss Mode [Suggestion]

    Bosses Basically 1 boss tech that's huge and stronk vs bunch of smaller ones. Maybe the person who kills the boss gets to be the boss, like a sort of tag system? reply with ur opinions
  4. Zed

    New Larger Silo Poll

    Greetings All, In keeping with the "need a new silo" thread I offer the following poll to canvas community support:
  5. Mindlessmrawesome

    Yeah, you guys kinda just broke TerraTech...

    So first off: lots of bug fixes, thanks for that. I hope this will continue. However this is not enough. Below is a link to the latest thing I made on the steam workshop. It's a tank, a pretty cool one at that. I made it using a multi-tech turret that took me hours to make work. So you can...
  6. AstraTheDragon

    More Corporation-based Conveyors

    So GSO and Venture have conveyors. This is good. I like it. But I feel that one of the areas that still makes TerraTech feel like an early-access game is that the crafting is usually 100% GSO (except for fabricators and scrapper and maybe the odd delivery cannon.) There is literally no incentive...
  7. F

    Strong Developing Multiplayer Suggestion; TT is Crackable!

    Before I suggest anything, let me show you my point of view. - I played Robocraft, and are currently supporting the game - (To be honest) I Downloaded TerraTech v0.7.8.3 Cracked Version - I am interested with TerraTech (I want to support the game) and see that it cannot be compared with...
  8. RC-3197

    Anti-Missile Laser (Point Defense Laser)

    Hello developers and fellow Terra tech players, I'm RC-3197. I mod almost every game I own (except this one, there's no point making modding tools for a game that will eventually have them) Every time I do mod I usually start with a list of ideas, some of them are pretty insane, then I use...
  9. WhitePaw2002

    Locking MultiTech Connections || Motorizing moving parts

    An idea that I have, that (wouldn't you believe it) requires code work. I want it to be a suggestion, but I already see it getting buried by other things and possibly never addressed, added that moving parts on techs has been denied before, so I'm going to try and see if I can pull it off.
  10. Soviet_Samuelson

    Charged beams and guns

    Does what it says on the tin
  11. Soviet_Samuelson

    Hoverpad suggestions

    Hotkey to toggle hoverpad activity K E E P H O V E R G L I T C H Better response to hills Hoverpads/horns that correct drifting and help tech turning (hawkeye?)
  12. jnj01

    HUD overlay blocks / camera blocks

    I think camera blocks have been suggested earlier, but what about having one or more for each section, with different styles on the HUD? For example a HE weapon camera you could place facing downwards on a plane for targetting when bombing. Or a Venture flight camera with "artificial...
  13. Lobstrex

    Lob's block suggestions

    Heyo, going to be slowly adding to this post over time. (Using Maya for modelling) Legion Cab Cab for the Legion corporation. Legs deploy when no other blocks are attached, allowing the cab to walk around. They fold up into pincers, which can be used as melee weapons. GeoCorp Bucket Wheel...
  14. Potato

    Ultra-Light blocks

    This is water-mod related, so if the devs are interested to give it some love, here's my suggestion: I'd like to have a 2x2x2, 4x4x2 or 2x2x1 (length x width x height ) block that's extremely lightweight. It's probably fragile, but that's fine. The reason is that the current water mod...
  15. ExileFox

    Multiplayer suggestion: optional initial build-timer

    * Optional time before the battle starts to allow players to modify their tech
  16. ExileFox

    Multiplayer suggestion: locked lobbies

    * Locked lobbies - Invite link or password and independent "friends only" option
  17. GamerParrish

    Longer Radar Distance

    I normally need to see enemies far away, but I find it kind of overpowered for such a large radar at the beginning of a game. I think that there should be different ranges for different radars. And you can put more than 1 radar on your tech to increase the distance (To a certain extent). I...
  18. Black Wyvern

    MP 12-23 - Selectively ban block types

    So, just got out of an hour long MP game where one player quickly built a micro thruster tech and camped every chest drop until they could get airborne and camp even harder for 45 minutes, pretty effectively ruining the game for the other three of us. One ended up quitting out of frustration...
  19. jnj01


    So far the only method I've found for vertical take-off and landing, is rotors for thrust upwards and a whole lot of 5-way steering boosters for propulsion. This isn't very efficient at all for slightly larger techs, and I think some sort of VTOL function would be nice. Either propellars with...
  20. R

    Boats? Vote

    As anyone thought about how cool it would be to have ships, water, and anything boat related? Well I thought that it would be cool to have boats in Terra Tech, with a game like this it would be amazing to add boats into the game. Thing about it, making boats to travel to an island, building...