1. eddie

    Terratech storyline Brainstorming

    I'm sure many players of Terratech feels the same, That missions have something missing, something that give these mission meaning, something that make missions unique, something tells the story of our offworld prospector and the world around them. We've discussed the Legion and the end...
  2. T

    A Corporation all about L E G S

    Like what about a corporation that focuses on like... just leg parts that you can put on your tech. Like little insect legs for small ones Big ones for big ones. And maybe a pair of humanoid legs. I know it would mean that there would be a new control scheme. But like... you could strafe...
  3. T

    Anchored blocks to pass through terrain while building

    Well, i think everybody tried to make a nice looking base. But even on the salt flats its hard to get a good looking wall down. I mean if it was able to pass through the ground while anchored, it would actually make those sloped platform blocks useful. (You know, so you can actually drive them...
  4. J

    TerraTech Suggestions

    Dear TerraTech Team. I Would Greatly Appreciate If You Would Give This List A Look Over And Response, It Is Perfectly Okay If These Dont Get Implemented, I Just Wanted To Give My Ideas BLOCKS: WEAPONS BLOCKS GeoCorp - Nail Gun - Shoots nails that get stuck in the tech GeoCorp - Crane - used...
  5. UltimateDominator


    Really nothing interesting. I just want better autosaves.
  6. 11er33

    Crafty Mike: good for new players. Not for veterans

    I am sick and tired of the Crafty Mike missions. Perhaps have an option to turn them off, and they'd become base take-over missions by GSO.
  7. Matt

    The Ultimate Water Thread

    So as I'm sure you can remember, we recently ran a poll on what feature you'd all like to see the most. A Water Biome was the clear winner. As such we want to collect some ideas as to what exactly that means to you, as players. So use this thread to discuss what sort of water biome you'd like...
  8. DragonLord110

    [Suggestion] Storage improvements

    Multiple storage ideas 1: a block that you can open to show all stored materials on that tech 2: a geotech silo that holds tons of materials and keeps them hidden from sight to prevent lag 3: for better future, maybe a dense storage system that allows you to store materials hidden and in a...
  9. GamerParrish

    The Block Saviour

    Ever just be playing a mission, and find a tech with lots of good, but highly explosive weaponry, batteries, shielding, or more? Then as soon as you destroy the tech, you see the fateful red flash of destruction. Introducing the Block Saviour. The block savior basically keeps blocks from...
  10. Matt

    The Ultimate Build Beam Thread

    Hi all! We need your help! We're looking at how build beam works and what we can do to improve/update it. It would be super helpful and awesome if we could get your input on what you'd like to change about build beam. To give you an idea of what we're thinking about, some of the suggestions...
  11. Epic afdc

    Gso machine guns

    yeah gso needs more machine guns since they only have one. And I have a few ideas for machine guns for gso. the gso zk74 dual machine gun: It is essentially two upgraded zk47s welded together. The weapon fires twice as fast and hits twice as hard, the range is also tripled. The gso m3510: This...
  12. Matt

    The Ultimate Suggestions Poll

    Hey Everyone! Thanks to everyone who commented and added suggestions to the Ultimate Suggestions Thread. There are loads of great ideas in there (almost too many). So as promised, we've compiled the top suggestions into a poll for everyone to vote on. Shoutout to @HyperXNova20 for helping to...
  13. Matt

    The Ultimate Suggestions Thread

    Hey Everyone! Now TerraTech is released and things have started to settle down I thought it'd be a good idea to gather the most wanted features/items that our community want to see in TerraTech! So how is this going to work? Use this post to add your ideas/suggestions/feedback then 'like' the...
  14. M


    Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to regenerate rocket fuel without having to stop the thrusters? What if the developers added a generator which turned resources perhaps wood into rocket fuel? I think this would greatly increase the efficiency of rocket powered air crafts, but still be...
  15. WarChallenger

    "Mad Max" Textures Option - Overlay Corrosion on Parts

    I know how difficult it is to completely re-imagine artwork. I draw with a digital tablet in 2D all the time, and I know it can take hours just to do one image. However, what if there was an option to overlay a rust filter onto the blocks? I would think after years and years on a desolate...
  16. M

    drop all resources

    make a button which is next to the anchor tech button which drops all of the resouces that are currently being held on your tech. This would be really helpful. Thanks
  17. ZeroGravitas

    A.I. Tournament and Scenario modes

    AI tournaments are already implemented as the background brawl in the main menus. So surely it would require a relatively minimal amount of work to open it up to players as verses mode. There is a very limited version of this, already: Sumo. But when I first saw that I felt that it was a bad...
  18. A

    Ressource chunks "vacuum cleaner" - or the issue with tech height and collectors

    Being quite fond of Geotech, one issue you run into when using their tech is that due to their large size collectors have some issues getting ressource chunks away from the ground. Ressources that you drive over are basically completly unable to be retreived because even if the tractor...
  19. Potato

    Increase Camera Zoom

    Title says it all. Please increase the camera zoom, I can't build or control large Techs if the zoom feature's locked or is severely limited. @QuackDuck told me that this was a fix for the block duplication bug, but there should be a way to fix that bug while at the same time keeping or even...
  20. Twigjack

    Static filter "Compressor" silos

    Idea: Large capacity storage for the specific purpose of having large amounts of sorted materials on hand. A big old box that can be set to accept only one type of chunk. (I'd be ok with it being any size up to a GC Delivery Cannon, maybe a smidge taller) 2 entry points on adjacent corners, 2...