1. Onceuponaban

    Ability to use the DLC skin models in modded skins if the player owns said DLC

    So, after looking at Venture's wheel models when using the "Shinobi" DLC skin from Warriors of Future Past, I noticed they could have a nice synergy with the default Better Future wheels. The issue is that at the moment, modded skins can only use the default models, so there would be no way of...
  2. lukasxpl

    Better axles and bearings

    RR Axles and Bearings are great, until you notice you cannot have them placed on each other like they are meant to on the same tech. A possible solution to this would be making an exception for bearings and axles, where these two blocks can be placed within the same tile. When the orientation...
  3. M

    Combat shotgun is weak for the time of the game you get it.

    (Co-op Campain) By the time you are GSO 4, you should have unlocked the Hawkeye bayonet shotgun and the Venture 360 shotgun. Both of which are slightly better in their own ways. Hawkeye does much more damage but lost its ability to turn 360 shotgun turns much faster but does slightly less...
  4. Nonefots

    base-only healing stations

    I think that a healing cube would be really cool. Hear me out, it would require 4 blocks that the healing 'zone' would latch onto and it could have a limit of, lets say, 60 blocks in all directions (Can be changed). This would be useful for healing very big techs (at a base, as this item would...
  5. Q

    Some essential suggestions (radar, manage tech option etc.)

    Hello! I just finished my campaign. I maxed all fractions, completed all uncommon "story" missions and earn more than 3 000 000 of BB. And I faced some problems and i found some things that seems to be just essential to the game. 1. I can't understand ho can I change navigation point in the...
  6. Z

    Please make better Enemy techs against Air Techs.

    Air techs are too Overpowered. I just need to make a flying tech and im invincible.. Also, every tech that is big enough is invincible. Maybe add some scaling system there the enemies get bigger/stronger the bigger/stronger (my-) tech is. maybe as an Aktivate/Deaktivate able function. (Edit...
  7. B

    Suggestion - Extractor Block, Collider filter and RenderBatch

    Hi! My feedback and suggestions after few month of playing. Extractor block: Concept: A block that have a filter with block allow to extract some block from player inventory and put it in to world. Usability: Too many blocks in inventory are unused in late-game, Its good to have ability to...
  8. Z

    Suggestion for the Inventory

    Please make the shared inventory disable able, So that we can have our own inventorys. Or, Just add a Inventory for each player and that shared inventory for sharing blocks. But please let me have my own inventory
  9. E

    New kind of cab: The Gunner Cab

    Hello Payload Studios, I had the idea of a new type of cabin. The Gunner Cab. This new cab is a kind of rotative turret without anchoring and controllable by a player or an AI (1). The Gunner Cab get only weapon controls and is controlled by a player/AI even if a player/AI is drive the Tech...
  10. E

    Suggestion about game controller

    Hello Payload Studios, There is a function that you could add and I have been thinking about for a while. She is present in a fairly similar game called Bandjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. It is a function that allows, during the building of a vehicle, to move several parts at the same time. Thus...
  11. Sapioit

    Suggestions for improving the game experiences. (15 or more suggestions, most are easy/simple to implement.)

    1. Fabricators should have an new row dedicated to a repeat functionality, in which a block can be made multiple times, by choosing between the options "Once", "Exactly" followed by a textbox where we can write a number (with arrows next to it so we can increment and decrement by one), and...
  12. Shidoni

    Time of Day Settings in R&D and Creative and R&D Teleporter Menu.

    Haven't existed on the forums for awhile, oh well... Time of Day Settings. Being able to control the time of day (in R&D and Creative only of course) would be a very nice quality of life feature to have in my opinion. This could work by having a slider in the menu under Gameplay, or even a...
  13. RC-3197

    Suggestion #4 GeoCorp Strip-Miner

    Now I'm going to be honest with you, I've been sitting on this idea for quite some time now. The reason why is because the problem is something that has been around forever, and it's a problem for all players The problem: Autominers These finicky things will mine the seams of all 1000 of their...
  14. Reddly

    Suggestion - Multi missile targeting

    The ability to hold down shift + middle mouse button to target several techs. Lets say you have 16 missiles on your tech, and you target 2 different techs at the same time, the nearest 8 missiles shoot at one, the other 8 missiles shoot at the other. If you target 16 enemies at once and...
  15. RC-3197

    Suggestion #3 Teleportation Conveyor Belts

    With Reticule Research on the horizon I found myself asking the question, what could they add to the manufacturing system to make it better for everyone? I thought about conveyor belts and realized there wasn't much of a variety in the way we transport resources across a manufacturing system...
  16. S

    A switchable throttle/clutch on Rotors

    This would make it possible for Rotors to be used as "Propellers" essentially increasing the potential for plane builds
  17. S

    Approved Creators System

    (Yes, this is a repost, only because I posted the original in Open, where it should have been in the correct thread, the original has since been deleted.) TerraTech has been a staple of my Twitch channel upon it’s revival, and most of that was due to the game’s inbuilt Twitch Stream system: I...
  18. S

    (Suggestion) Verified Creators System

    (This post has been moved to the correct place in Suggestions and Feedback.)
  19. eddie

    Black Market, Alien Ruins and Artifacts

    I've recently came up with some interesting idea: Black Market: In my suggestions about Space Junkys, I've talked about they're not only doing scrap businesses, but also own black markets. how I think black market work in the game is you can only locate black market when you have SJ radar on...
  20. Z

    Suggestion, Camera blocks

    I would like to the something like camera blocks. I mean Blocks that are cameras that you can cycle through. for example to make a first person view. (iam not very good in english, but i hope you understand what i mean.) PS: (this has nothing to do with the suggestion) What means "Beta Deluxe"?