1. B

    connecting of two different techs

    you know what would be great if you could connect a tech from your inventory to the current tech your using.
  2. E

    New kind of cab: The Gunner Cab

    Hello Payload Studios, I had the idea of a new type of cabin. The Gunner Cab. This new cab is a kind of rotative turret without anchoring and controllable by a player or an AI (1). The Gunner Cab get only weapon controls and is controlled by a player/AI even if a player/AI is drive the Tech...
  3. Sapioit

    Suggestions for improving the game experiences. (15 or more suggestions, most are easy/simple to implement.)

    1. Fabricators should have an new row dedicated to a repeat functionality, in which a block can be made multiple times, by choosing between the options "Once", "Exactly" followed by a textbox where we can write a number (with arrows next to it so we can increment and decrement by one), and...
  4. reaperx1

    Filter Option Suggestion

    Basically what I am suggesting is that when a conveyor lines direction is reversed that any filters in that line would also change direction. I know this could cause problems, but used in the right situations this could be a great way of making multi techs move way better than they do now. I...