1. Legomonster33

    Mixed Filter Silos

    Just a suggestion for a new feature in fabrication. have a GUI that you can open for a silo so that you can decide how much of each resource it should be able to hold this would allow for very fast crafting systems while still not being too overpowered Ie. (chunk name) (amount of chunk the...
  2. X

    SCU for recource chunks

    Even if it is late game and EXTREMELY expensive please add one
  3. NeonGreenShades

    Resource and Crafting Rework : Resource Container and RMFI

    Manufacturing block's rework is long overdue. Even after the introduction of components, it did not solve a lot of the core design problem of how resource and crafting works. With Payload asking the community for suggestions on crafting, I'm proposing a rework concept to make resource and...
  4. DragonLord110

    [Suggestion] Storage improvements

    Multiple storage ideas 1: a block that you can open to show all stored materials on that tech 2: a geotech silo that holds tons of materials and keeps them hidden from sight to prevent lag 3: for better future, maybe a dense storage system that allows you to store materials hidden and in a...
  5. Twigjack

    Static filter "Compressor" silos

    Idea: Large capacity storage for the specific purpose of having large amounts of sorted materials on hand. A big old box that can be set to accept only one type of chunk. (I'd be ok with it being any size up to a GC Delivery Cannon, maybe a smidge taller) 2 entry points on adjacent corners, 2...
  6. JimmyBlether


    Hello! I thought I would make one of these due to the most recent update. I know I have the SFS thread but that is roleplay. This thread is for posting my random techs that I think should have the pleasure of being on the forum. Here is my first 2 pure Hawkeye tanks, the HE SF (saltflats) Patrol...
  7. Lord Zarnox

    Manufacturing focused corporation - SmartBuild

    I'm thinking there should be a corporation dedicated to effective and efficient manufacturing and base design. Using the temporary name of SmartBuild, I have made this detailed (WIP) post of a list of blocks, concepts, and other ideas for such a corporation. As a simple list of some blocks they...
  8. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Crafting priorities general suggestion and Resource/Component SCU

    Hi TerraTechnicians, due to the speedcrafting challenge and what we all learned there, I have a suggestion to change the crafting priorities. At the moment, fabricators have an intrinsic logic that should priorizes as follows: - look if the first component (the simlest possible) can be made by...
  9. Geocorp Jumper

    The Novikov Tech Builder

    I. Novikov first developed the theory of white holes. Ergo, we create a white hole unit as a reverse of the SCU. What would it do? Spout out blocks willy-nilly? No. I propose that this unit possess a UI in which the player chooses among several techs (the same that are found in the shop) a...
  10. Terra Beetle

    Mega SCU storage

    My idea is instead of getting that little SCU block you get a humongous trading station - sized SCU black hole which once anchored, can't be moved. You get a SCU landing signal emitter, which you get instead of the SCU storage now, you put it on the ground, it sinks and the SCU black hole lands...
  11. Terra Beetle

    CSU storage ressizing

    I was just taking my CSU storage from my base to collect the parts of an invader, but I saw a GSO 2-block about one eight of it's size. I don't know what happened, but here's the situation: I have a medium base in the grasslands next to a forest. The 2-block was stuck in a tree next to the CSU...
  12. matik2002

    New terminals

    So I have been discussing in the chat the idea of new blocks. Here are my blocks: - Block Terminal & Server Blocks: Buyable from the shop, works like the silo, but has almost unlimited space. The space can be ezpanded by putting server blocks to the base. How it works: It will be a 1×2 block...