1. C

    [1.3.10] [PC] [Steam] Venture License Quest "Race Against Time" disappeared and won't spawn again.

    Frequency : No clue it's my first game Game Mode : Campaign Description : When I attempted the Venture license giving mission the first time, I tryed 2 or 3 times and did not success. I came back hours later with better techs, and the race path and the NPC both disappeared. I tryed loading...
  2. General Douglas

    [1.3.8] Workshop Items Gone (Fixed)

    Steam did its usual Tuesday updates fairly recently and I took to the workshop to see what was new, only problem was... the different filters and the "hot" tech slideshow were gone. This is the case for both my browser and Steam's app and I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the...
  3. Thundercraft

    Most Appropriate Steam Award for TerraTech?

    I was looking on the Steam store and I noticed that it's that time of year again to nominate games for Steam Awards. And I've been considering which award would be the most appropriate to nominate TerraTech for. After all, we can only nominate a game for one and there is a limited selection. Of...
  4. cipher

    Crafting/Resources Chart

    TerraTech-Reference-Chart version 1.1 Component Recipes Component Sell Prices Resource Location Chart Resource Sell Prices Steam Achievements List Whenever I really get into a new game I usually create a background image for myself to display on a second monitor. I add information I'd often...
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0] OST (bought on Steam) installs to the game's old directory

    I've just made a Steam discussion post on this, to help others, because I just had a real puzzle trying to figure out how to access the music I'd just bought. After eventually figuring out that I had to manually tick the box in the game's DLC properties, I searched my PC and found it had...
  6. Mindlessmrawesome

    Workshop updating (just here me out, devs)

    So I know (at least one of) your guys' opinion on allowing users to update their workshop items. "If we let them update their workshop items, they could make a new update that isn't what their actual tech is that users subscribed to! This can't be allowed!" I am here to tell you why this...
  7. Legionite

    A Big Upcoming Spoiler

    Steam just can't keep things hidden. Achievements seem to be implemented for Terra Tech as seen on Steam for some reason. This wasn't here before, nor has any of the Terra Tech versions that I have access to have been updated. [Old thread on this topic- necro if you dare]
  8. Legionite

    [Steam Workshop]Supreme Hype Overload Leak!

    Steam Workshop is coming to Terra Tech!!! Probably 2 days from now? Not here yet, but getting closer!
  9. The Grand Teki

    Multiplayer has to wait.

    First, we've got Steam. It has an option to (as I know) VAC protect servers in steam games, essentially somewhat protecting them from hacks. But there is a big minus to it: false reports and (mostly bug-related) misconceptions. If you get banned in one game's VAC protected servers, you can't...
  10. Zed

    Carbite Too Rare

    As the Title implies, Carbite is simply too rare for its BB Value / Versatility within the Terratech Environment. To me, it would make sense if Carbite could also spawn in the mountain Biomes along with its current home of the sometimes difficult to find Salt Flats. (Given the new terrain...
  11. P

    TerraTech Badge

    So I play this game on steam and I just need a few more trading cards to craft a badge called (GSO). Can someone please show me what the badge looks like? Thanks.