steam workshop

  1. M

    custom corps fix mod help anyone

    how do you add custom corps to the custom corps fix mod on steam?
  2. Megalodon

    Problems with uploading tech to steam workshop

    Sorry if this is the wrong place or way to ask for help. I'm new here. I can't upload my tech (that I wanted to submit for the naval warfare challenge) to the steam workshop. I tried the normal way of taking a snapshot in the game and then clicking on the "Upload to steam workshop" Button. I...
  3. RC-3197

    RC-3197's Techs

    Hello there! Here's where I'm going to post my techs when I release them on the workshop. I don't think I'm going to release that many techs but the few I do release will be the ones I have personally found useful. Every single tech I post will be obtainable in campaign (that's the only mode I...
  4. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.9] Load tech tab only shows last 50 Steam Workshop subscriptions (deliberate?)

    I'm hopeful that 50 was just a temporary stop-gap setting, before the loading interface is finished (as I'll definitely want to see more than 50 subscribed items in the load tech dialogue.;) Currently one needs to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to view older items that were more than 50...
  5. Drego117

    Blueprints: Sharing is Caring

    If there isn't already, and I did try and look for it so I don't think there is, I believe we should have an easy to use system of sharing our favorite Techs with each other so our friends can spawn our Techs in their worlds if they so desire. A fully functioning blueprint and sharing system...