1. HeX

    TerraTech Block List and Info

    This block list and info file contains recipes, ids (for @WhitePaw2002 's SPCheats mod), health, gun data, damage data, armor values, etc. Stable: 1.4.6 Unstable:
  2. Soviet_Samuelson


    I want all blocks to have stats on them. Weight, Damage, Fire rate, Max DPS, HP, and everything in between.
  3. Boomik

    Current status of all current kingdoms

    Here is the status of every kingdom like their allies, enemies, capable of, etc. I'm not gonna post their members because that's too much work. Lemon Kingdom: Very well defended kingdom. Has brute force but doesn't use it unless they have to on base defense only. Is looking for peace between...
  4. Nocallia

    Max Speed

    Welp, I was bored, so I calculated the max speed of wheels. If you just want to skip stuff, Click the Leaderboard of Wheels. [/SPOILER] -Baconus