star wars

  1. AstraTheDragon

    24/10/18 ComCore Stream Highlights

    Once again a great stream with some really unique techs on show. xXThunderFlameXx's X-Wing multitech is probably the pinnacle of plane technology with separate separating wing segments. I think this deserves some serious clappage. It was...
  2. JimmyBlether

    The Science Fiction Thread

    ============================================== This thread is for all science fiction fans who want to talk about all science fiction series in the media, past, present, future and your own ideas for them. ============================================== This thread was initially meant to be...
  3. JimmyBlether

    Sinkholes and Canyons

    This is one of my biome ideas, more may follow. I had the idea of that if TT had some <almost> impassable terrain that can be only crossed with bridges (that work now due to almost all wheels work on blocks ;)), would be an interesting addition to the terrain generation. I am positive that...